What you have not seen of the arrival of the new iPhone in stores


With the arrival of the new iPhone , all the information we had about their devices is completed. We have the , the and all the prices of the new Apple phones to reach stores today. For this reason, we have already told you where you can find the cheapest new iPhone in Spain , but now we want to tell you everything that has surrounded the launch of Apple and that, probably, you have lost.

Each time a new Apple smartphone is launched, the Network usually gets news about it, some more classic ones (analysis or prices) and others more striking … This year we have not had as many surprises as in previous years, but we have found some how many curiosities with the launch of the new iPhone and its arrival in stores.

In what could be described as one of the most brilliant marketing actions in recent history, Huawei has come to the tails of Apple stores to give all fans of the Cupertino company external batteries. They come accompanied by a text that says ” Here you have a Power Bank. You will need it. Courtesy of Huawei . ” Even the most “fanboys” of Apple have not been able to do more than to sketch a smile before this activity.

In addition, they are not a Power Bank, any, since it is the SuperCharge of Huawei, external batteries with capacity for 10,000 mAh that are sold for around 100 euros.

First controversy with the iPhone Xs Max screen

Not even 1 hour has passed since the first customers of the brand bought the new iPhone and soon on the Net has run like wildfire the tweet of a customer who complains that the screen of his iPhone Xs Max is damaged. Musthafa Ali bought the new i Phone Xs Max at a Vodafone store in Sydney but as soon as he opened the box and turned on the mobile he found that the screen has a thin white line from the right side of the notch to the bottom edge.

Obviously, this may be a manufacturing fault or a problem during the packaging of the phone but it does not mean that all Apple 6.5 inch smartphones are going to suffer the same fate … That we hope for the good of the brand and the possible boom of a new #DisplayGate.

Apple indicates how to use Airpower, without putting it on the market

What you have not seen of the arrival of the new iPhone in stores

Recently there has been a lot of controversy surrounding the Apple wireless charger, the AirPower, because the accessory did not appear during the presentation of the new iPhone . Today we know that its cancellation must have been a last minute thing, since Apple expected to launch it along with its new phones that arrive today at the stores, as shown by the references to the device in the instructions themselves of the iPhone Xs and Xs Max .

As the fans of the brand have acquired the new phones, they have been sharing on social networks as in the user guides of the two phones, in the section of the load of the same, it warns that you have to “place the iPhone with the screen up on the AirPower base or a Qi certified wireless charger, you can also use the Lightning connector to charge the iPhone and connect other accessories. “

Will we ever see it? Who knows, maybe the company is still waiting to see the behavior of these technology in Android, .

The star app of iOS 12, used to measure cats

, the operating system that accompanies the new iPhone , has a useful tool to make mediations of objects, areas and everything that comes to mind. Measure is an app that, using artificial intelligence, is able to measure the size of the objects we photograph with the camera but it seems to have gone viral and people are using it to measure, how could it be otherwise, the protagonists of the Internet .

What’s wrong with the iPhone Xr?

What you have not seen of the arrival of the new iPhone in stores

Yes, Apple introduced 3 smartphones on September 12, but today you can only buy two of them, the iPhone Xs and the iPhone Xs Max . The reason is not other than the production of the i the “economic” model of the brand, it is still finalizing its production phase and we have to wait a little less than a month to be able to buy it. The phone can be booked on October 19 and will hit stores on the 26th of the same month, a week later. then you can decide for yourself if, at the same price, it

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