What is the Titan M security chip included in the Pixel 3 and what is it used for?

What is the Titan M security chip included in the Pixel 3 and what is it used for?

Yesterday the . Although the leaks had hardly left room for surprises, Google was able to keep , which was not revealed until the time of the presentation, in which we could also know

During the presentation of their new phones, Google stopped in an important aspect as it is that of security . Since its inception, Pixel phones have been differentiated from many other rivals by offering a higher level of security, thanks to a software always updated with the latest improvements in terms of privacy and security. However, with the Pixel 2 went a step further, thanks to

Titan M: this is the Pixel 3 security chip

What is the Titan M security chip included in the Pixel 3 and what is it used for?

Located inside the new phones, regardless of the main Snapdragon 845 processor and the Visual Core chip, the Titan M module is a security chip designed by the company itself, which is responsible for protecting the most sensitive data stored in the device, adding an extra security layer to the blocking screen, and reinforcing the encryption of the disk.

Pixel 3 uses Titan M to verify the access code of the lock screen. It makes the process of guessing multiple combinations of passwords more difficult by limiting the number of startup attempts, making it difficult for attackers to unlock their phone. Only after verification of your access code, Titan M will allow decryption.

On the other hand, thanks to this chip the integrity of the device is maintained at startup , so that when you start the phone, it is verified that the version of Android that is being used is correct, and in case of attack, it prevents you can run an old unprotected version against possible vulnerabilities.

By combining Titan Security in both the data center and the device, we have created a closed cycle for your data throughout the Google ecosystem.

Developers of third-party applications also benefit from the extra security provided by the chip , thanks to the StrongBox KeyStore API introduced in Android 9, which allows them to store the private keys of their apps directly under the protection of Titan M. Finally ,

To avoid manipulation, the Titan M is built with internal attack resistance. The Titan M firmware will never be updated unless you have entered your access code, which means that attackers can not bypass the lock screen to update the firmware to a malicious version.

Keep in mind that this Titan M chip is based on the same technology used to maintain integrity in Google data centers , so it should certainly offer a higher level of security than other phones. In addition, it is not the first time that we see the Titan brand on a Google device focused on security, because only a few weeks ago

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