What is the "Nano SD" of Huawei and why do they want to make it the new standard

What is the "Nano SD" of Huawei and why do they want to make it the new standard

Last Tuesday, Huawei , two phones loaded with technology and innovation, which in turn are pioneers in its segment for being the first phones, among other things, to have a fast charging system 40W, for having reverse wireless charging, or for being compatible with NM Card instead of microSD , the latter perhaps being the most striking as well as controversial of all the innovations introduced by Huawei.

After all, we all know microSD cards and, on paper, there are not too many disadvantages that are forcing the industry to promote the development of new alternatives … or do we?

In Huawei believe that the time has come to leave behind a type of memories created 15 years ago , and give way to a more efficient technology, smaller and, for now, more expensive than the one we use today. And they have a plan to get it .

What are NM Card and what are their advantages compared to microSD

What is the "Nano SD" of Huawei and why do they want to make it the new standard

During the event, the leader of the Huawei consumer division told us how the company had invented a new type of memory cards. The NM-Nano Memory Card, are 45% smaller than conventional microSD cards, and since they share size and shape with nanoSIM cards, the company has been able to integrate the slot for this type of memories in the same tray that the SIM , so that users can choose if they want to use two nanoSIM, or a nanoSIM next to an NM Card.

At the technical level, although not much is known at the moment, the technical sheet of the Huawei Mate 20 points out that in the beginning there will be capacities that will go from 128 to 256 GB, with transfer speeds of up to 90 MB / s , not unlike what a

Currently, given that only the Huawei Mate 20 is compatible with this type of cards, which only one company can manufacture them for the moment, and that they do not have the backing of organizations such as the

But, of course, Huawei has a plan. As

At the moment, yes, there is a variable that escapes: the price. With an already established standard such as microSD, whose price is approaching historical lows , an incipient technology such as Huawei’s Nano Memory will find it difficult to make room, mainly if its cost, both for users in the price, and production for manufacturers, it is not competitive enough. If so, they will be a nice attempt to reinvent a system that already works as it did with

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