What is the mobile that charges faster? Take a look at this comparison


Today there are several manufacturers that advertise a system of fast charge for your smartphones. And although all get to fully use the battery of our smartphone in a much more effective than a few years ago, the truth is that not all are equal and there are some a little better than others. That’s why we bring you this Comparison of Hometop that will help us to know which is the mobile that loads faster.

We are not saying that you should base the decision to buy your next smartphone only based on its loading speed, but if you have a dynamic lifestyle and need a smartphone capable of following it, surely this guide can help you have more information that can help you choose better.

There is not a mobile that loads faster, but a brand

Since the appearance of Qualcomm’s first fast charge 3 years ago, different manufacturers have been creating and advertising their own fast charging systems. We have Samsung with its “Adaptive Fast Charge”, Apple with its “Fast Charge”, the famous “DashCharge” of OnePlus, the “Turbo Charge” of Motorola or the most famous of all the ” Qualcomm’s Quick Charge “, Present in the SoCs of said manufacturer.

Thanks to this infographic, we will be able to know which is the fastest system as well as the mobile that loads faster, that we already announced that it is from Huawei.

A quick review of each fast loading system

  • “Samsung’s Adaptive Fast Charge: based on Qualcomm Quick Charge 2, compatible with other Qualcomm chargers.
  • “Fast Charge” from Apple: based on the USB Power delivery standard, used in the iPhone X, iPhone 8 and iPhone 8 Plus
  • “DashCharge” from OnePlus: 5 volts and 4 amps, does not work with third-party chargers because it integrates its own circuitry in the charger.
  • “Turbo Charge” from Motorola: based on Qualcomm Quick charge 2.0 and 3.0
  • “Quick Charge” from Qualcomm:
  • “Mediatek Pump Express”: compatible with Qaualcomm chargers, present in smartphones with Mediatek SoCs
  • “Huawei Super Charge” : uses 5 volts and 4.5 Amps, compatible with Qualcomm Quick Charge

The winning system is that of Huawei

After taking a look at the charging times of batteries of different capacity and obtain a charge rate per minute, it turns out that although Apple is the fastest when it comes to charging the latest generation iPhones (up to 29 watts), it is the Huawei Super Charge which is done with the trophy of the best fast loading system, since it obtains a ratio of 46, 57 mAh per minute , and manages to charge the 3400 mAh of the battery Huawei P20 in just 73 minutes, just over an hour.

He second place it’s for him Dash Charge of OnePlus, which is capable of supplying up to 20 watts and obtains a ratio of 41.25 mAh per minute, charging the OnePlus 6 battery in just 80 minutes, a great brand without a doubt.

What is the mobile that charges faster? Take a look at this comparison

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