What is the eSIM, how it works and what are its advantages compared to the SIM card of always


One of the rumors that spread the most about the new iPhone had to do with the bet on the double SIM. Yesterday at the end it was revealed that, although in China the phone (and its variants and XR ) will come with a slot for two nanoSIM physical cards, in the rest of the markets what the new iPhone XS will offer is the combination of a Nano SIM with an eSIM. We also have the arrival of the Watch Series 4 , which will also enjoy support for the Virtual SIM. But do you really know what an eSIM is?

The eSIMs arrived a while ago to our lives but they still do not take off completely. That is why it is very likely that you still do not know what exactly they are, how they are used and above all, what advantages they have over traditional SIMs. We will solve all your doubts.

What is an eSIM?

The eSIM or Virtual SIM is an evolution of the SIM card that we all know, reducing almost to the minimum expression. Thus, instead of having a slot with a tray in which it is inserted, what we find in the device is an integrated chip , soldered to the motherboard, which is associated with an electronic number -let us say that of identification. This radical change not only simplifies the process of premiere and use of a smartphone or smart watch with data; It also helps to save space, giving manufacturers greater freedom to design their equipment.

What is the eSIM, how it works and what are its advantages compared to the SIM card of always

As you will remember, the SIM card has gone through different states since we know it, all always pursuing a reduction in size. We have thus seen move from the SIM card itself to the miniSIM, to then give way to the microSIM and finally use the current nanoSIM. Now even this small format has its days numbered, betting on an even smaller concept and, above all, more comfortable.

What are the advantages of the eSIM?

These are the main advantages that you can find when making use of the eSIM or SimVirtual:

· Comfort If you want to use your line (with its corresponding rate) in several computers, you will only have to associate it with your operator in the smartphone, tablet or other gadget that interests you, without having to ask for duplicates or remove and insert a SIM card when you want to use the connection of your line in several devices.

· Versatility Closely related to the previous point, you can forget about having to wait for a new SIM card when you change operator. With an eSIM you can simply disassociate yourself from a company and join a new one in a matter of nothing by simply telling the number of the “card” to the company. Another thing, beware of this, it will be what the operator takes to sign up and manage this change, but an intermediate step has already been eliminated with this.

What is the eSIM, how it works and what are its advantages compared to the SIM card of always

· More space. This is an advantage for the manufacturer that affects you, of course. By not having a physical card, the device in question does not require the space for the tray where you are staying, saving space. This can be used to accommodate other components or simply to reduce the size of the equipment. Yes, it scratches very little but it becomes a space saving similar to the one that implies the disappearance of the 3.5 mm connector.

· Goodbye to the “pinchito”. The usual accessory that we used to remove the tray from the SIM card disappears as well. If you have ever seen yourself in the position of needing it and you did not find it, the nightmare is over.

The eSIM card in Spain

As we say, as much as the idea of ​​the eSIM has been heard for some time, in Spain it is still not very widespread. In fact, there are only two operators that currently offer support to this technology. The first of them (was) is Orange , who has already gotten into work with the Huawei Watch 2 4G and the Samsung Galaxy Watch . Yesterday he confirmed that he puts another smart watch in the bag – as you can see, no sign of telephones – the Apple Watch Series 4 .

The other operator is Vodafone . Also yesterday he shared his intentions and today we have known his plans with the Apple Watch Series 4 . In the case of the red signature, the service allows you to keep an operative telephone number in four different devices, but for the moment, and like its competition, it does not mention the telephones, staying in the watch.

It will be necessary to see if with the bet of the iPhone for this technology, the panorama changes. Apple actually remembers on the specifications page of their phone that the eSIM “is not compatible with all operators” and that theirs will be available by the end of the year through a software update. We will then check how it responds to the market although everything seems to indicate that the principle of change is more than imminent. Some analysts predict that SIM will continue to prevail by 2020 , but in a much more equal proportion than now with respect to the eSIM, technology that should take off in the next two years. We’ll see if it’s like that.

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