What is the cloud mining system and how is it done?

What is the cloud mining system and how is it done?

What is cloud mining and how is it done? Should I hire a mining package? Should I join the cloud mining business? These questions are frequently asked by us, especially by new users. In this article we will try to explain what cloud mining is all about and discuss the facts behind it.

As we have often mentioned in our previous writings over our platform, it seems very risky to start mining by ordering a device from abroad; because of the increasing difficulty with the developing technology, it is very difficult to produce Bitcoin and the return period of the investment can not be completely predicted or even harmed, and the risk is increased even when the device is brought into the country from abroad (customs, transportation etc).


Used to be preferred devices sold in Turkey, sturdy? In this way, providing the device is easier than bringing it from abroad and also there is the convenience of getting it from one hand to another safely. Of course, it is necessary to think about why the dealer wants to get rid of the device. If you are providing electricity very cheaply or free of charge, you can go to land later; but if you are providing electricity for the same price as everyone else (including the seller) you are in great danger. Looking at the current situation, you can see that most users are selling their devices.

Traditional mining Bitcoin community in Turkey, which is currently on the agenda alternative cloud in mining We can say that the risk is high. Cloud mining can be briefly described as a mining package lease business through a company’s data center anywhere in the world. In cloud mining, the client receives a daily, weekly or monthly payment in the direction of a processor power lease and generated crypto money for a certain price; but it is a well-known fact that the negativities raised about cloud mining in general are too much. Let’s try to examine in the framework of logic and economics which we have exemplified below.

A company that announces that it is doing the mining of the clouds comes to you with a bid:


It is not possible to be excited by such a picture. Especially when a new user is allowed to start a fishing trip, an investment and income table is offered by the company for user aggregation.

It is promised that the tablard will earn $ 990 in 180 days for $ 300. Everything is expressed clearly, clearly, is not it? Income expenditure is all certain, yes can be invested, there is no question mark (mu ??).

Yes, there is a big question mark. It is credibility! It may be unclear whether some companies are really producing or not, and be aware that an imaginary production may be the issue. For this reason, there is nothing you can defend in your hands when the company suddenly closes or goes bankrupt 40 days after you invest. In such a case, the deposit will fly and remain an adventure filled with disappointments. By a user, I received the payment on a daily basis for 40 days and if you are told to deposit $ 220, the damage will be $ 80 and you will have dreams. Also, the most important thing that has been lost here is the trust, which is the crypto paralysis with time, and many users who see the crypto money world only as this type of gain gate have come out of the system frustratingly for this reason.

How does it work? Since these companies are similar to the Ponzi game (known as the titanic chain in our country), they only have to buy personal investments. The more individual investors are here, the larger the circle and the income of the first entrants increase, the later ones buy only a dream. With such an incomes table, all major investors and companies can invest millions of dollars wherever they are; but since punzi companies do not have products or production, they do not want to invest in corporate companies, their goal is always individual investors who are easier to bite. Because the individual investor can not pursue the money alone, or even if it falls, it will give up quickly because it is not too much. Larger companies continue to work on legal routes when they see a game on the money they deposit, so the cost of individual investors is always more attractive to punzicans. Think about which investor would go back for such an income table? When millions of dollars are invested in technology-producing companies every day in the world of crypto money, why do not you make big investments in papermaking companies that function like this kind of titanium chain; because large institutional investors will examine, examine, calculate, see and decide on the spot.

Is every cloud mining company Ponzici? Certainly not, there are companies that have been doing this for a long time and they are still in production. But if noticed, income tables of those who make real production are much lower profitable, that is, they actually reflect the truth.

There are those who buy money from such companies or even land. Yes, of course, the first entrants will take their money back and go to the land so that the next ones can be trusted and included. Imagine that an empty fish does not come to the fish, first the bait should be caught so that you can catch the fish. As a result, the collapses are known, although their properties vary, since such occurrences are not endless sources after a certain period of time. Even history and even crypto money history is full of such events.

How do I know if the company is a pornographer? It is not possible to know exactly if you do not see the place where the company has done this business. But some clues can be deduced. The actual mining packages are in stock and can be bought and sold, it is not possible to remove the package from the pumice. Another tip: usually the companies that make real mining packages or hire fees are bought with Bitcoin, while the ponziers use currencies like Euro or Dollar to sell the package. In other words, the company itself does not even believe in Bitcoin.

After these views, do not give up on a negative thoughts, do not give up on Bitcoin, buy, buy with Bitcoin, evaluate in subcoins, they will give you experience and experience. But now you want to enter the mining spite of all these things, keep in mind that the world, including Turkey, no one company can not provide one hundred percent trust and security.

Proposal , It is quite difficult to bring the device from abroad for shan, it is troublesome, risky and costly; therefore a second-hand equipment from Turkey (half or a third of the price) can be tried and mining, electricity, of course, if you say I’m going to use a very low price or for free. Another suggestion might be to try SubCoin mining, you can start producing a SubCoin that is easier to extract than Bitcoin and that you think will increase in value in the future.

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