What is Steem? Where to buy?

What is Steem?  Where to buy?
What is Steem?  Where to buy?

I Steem known as a Blockchain platform Steemit Can be defined as a token based on. Steemit aims to reshape the existing social media concept by bringing the platform to a vibrant, active and ever-growing economy. Accordingly, Steemit users will be able to win prizes for the content they produce.

Steemit.com, with many active users, is among the social media platforms based on Steem Blockchaini. All the data on web pages based on the Steam Blockchaini are recorded on a fixed notebook. Moreover, it is also possible for users to win prizes with Steem tokens according to the contributions they provide to the platforms. Thus, users will be able to turn the content they produce into money. In short, the Steemit platform can be likened to another popular web page called Reddit. However, Steemit is leaving Reddit for rewarding content providers.

The Steemit network produces a new Steem unit every day and presents it to its users. Users can use these tokens in various crypto money exchanges. How are these tokens distributed? Users are allowed to earn Steem tokens for activities such as liking, commenting and voting other people’s posts on the platform. From June of 2016 until the date this article was written, a total of $ 40,154,371 was distributed to reward users.

With Smart Media Tokens (SMT), which we can call Steem Blockchaini’s unique digital asset, anyone who wants can turn their online content into money. We can compare SMTs to ERC20 tokens in Ethereum Blockchaini. However, SMTs work on a different algorithm called Intelligence Evidence (PoB). There is also a reward distribution system that allows SMTs to reward digital content producers.

Where to buy?

Steem Blockchain is run by a community of users who have joined from around the world. Steem is paying attention to the attention of users as a crypto currency with a faster processing capacity than the leading cryptographic currencies, Bitcoin and Ethereum. You do not have to pay for the transactions you make while earning money from your content using this crypto money. Steenen of the building of , BitShares, Bittrex and many more.

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