What is Coinspace? Is investment possible?

What is Coinspace?  Is investment possible?
What is Coinspace? What are the connections or differences between Coinspace and Bitcoin? Can you make money with CoinSpace? Coinspace Ponzi? Should I invest in Coinspace?

I would like to start this article with an information on behalf of the CoinTurk family. In our team, we have friends who have been following Bitcoin since 2010 and are following. My friend who met with Bitcoin latest met me in the middle of 2013 with Bitcoin and Blockchain. CoinTurk has been broadcasting since March 2014 and we will be filling up our 3rd year in 1 month. Why am I writing these? I think this article should come from the search engines and read this article, and inform the readers who do not know us and the eco system at the entrance. Those who know, please tell me what this is now …

We, CoinTurk team, have been sending thousands of e-mails, complaints, investment requests, Blockchain for 3 years? What is Bitcoin? What is that? What is this? Is the site ponzi? Do you invest in this site? Are you a examine? … in short, we have so many questions and opinions from our readers not going to be in Turkey. We are all trying to make a return as soon as we can and we work because it is all very valuable to us. We are trying to answer dozens of questions every day from our social media accounts.

While there have been many technological innovations for Blockchain and there have been dozens of new issues that we have not been able to catch up with,

Why do not you write a review about Coinspace? We’re thinking of investing in Coinspace, why do not you enlighten us on this?

Because, although Coinspa of a job if not for Turkey, a company while set about the business in Turkey, especially also already be hasty in declaring our Turkey on proper investment While there were no mind about the crypto money eco-system. We have studied the Coinspace in the world and we understand what it is and how it is trying to carry out a commercial business. The best way to see if we are wrong or not is to be safe and follow the time we are quiet. In this process, we received promotional offers with various and promising earnings from “leaders” who invested heavily in Coinspace. We remain silent again, we have not accepted. There was a very important reason for our silence. We are aware that under the CoinTurk framework, we can write this topic and take a serious potential action with any “affirmation” or “evil”.

What has changed today?

The news about the claims and the Coinspace is so numerous that we can not remain indifferent. Especially the network marketing leaders who introduce the system and want to add new members to their team have noticed that they are not able to stay quiet anymore because of their ignorance about the crypto money ecosystem and seeing their teams lead to this work. Hundreds of thousands of EUR / USD can not be accepted by network marketing teams who have previously sold detergents or maintenance creams to make money on the deep waters of cryptoanalys. We decided for sure that it was time to share our thoughts when we saw that millions of dollars promising people were doing Coinspace marketing using only the news / articles / videos and other media about “blockchain and bitcoin”.

The “crypto money” takes an important place in the steps that everybody takes in order to achieve economic freedom and refund in a way that is due to the economic situation of our country. Most of the people nothing is meaningless (yes I do not understand because they do not really understand!) “Something like bitcoin is in US $ 0.01 in 2009, but now it’s US $ 1000!” the motto he gets caught up in magic and deposits it in various systems, whatever he has in his hands.

What is Coinspace?  Is investment possible?

Coinspace also forces us to remain negative because the underlying technology is parallel to the blockchain and continues to do so with the same motto as I wrote in the above paragraph, by not sharing any information about which plane, which financial sector, is the solution to the vital problem. What is the review site in Turkey which as we did over the Blockcha coinspace.com.t that touch technology where we do not understand. blockcha technology in Turkey who know / do not think she understands that uses no friend of ours.


With its S-Coin brand, Coinspace has aimed to provide fast, reliable and profitable electronic services to its customers, including electronic infrastructure, hosting and server hardware. Intelligent electronic data that can be produced with the help of computers with high technological equipment enables efficient operation management. At this point, S-Coin service product, which provides profit to customers, emerges. Codes generated on computers managed by high-tech business intelligence applications can make cryptograms possible to make electronic transactions fast and efficient. Thus, a profitable, high-security and high-speed data flow is possible. Depending on these advantages, it is expected to have more transaction volume from day to day . Coinspace, high-tech computers, and infrastructure helping this system network under the S-Coin brand.

For many readers, this paragraph may look like a technological content. Maybe it is, but it does not contain any concrete data in terms of Blockchain technologies. At this point, the question of what has been done with Coinspace and its brand S-Coin remains unanswered.

What is Coinspace?  Is investment possible?

Why does a Crypto Money System give a car a gift?

As you know, Coinspace, as a propagation technique network marketing (network marketing) strategy. The ignorance of bitcoin and blockchain on the market is affecting our view on Coinspace in the negative direction. If the marketers claim to know blockchain and bitcoin, then there is a worse situation. Those who make these promotions say they sell out bitcoin from $ 1 to $ 1000 in sales over three years and tell them that it is possible for Coinspace, they are deceiving people, they are getting unfair profits from perception management and people. Let’s hope that they do not have as much knowledge about blockchain and bitcoin as they are doing …

We find it useful to make an important distinction here. Coinspace (which I will not go into in details) is a “thing” that has emerged abroad. (I’m sorry but nobody It is kriptopar Do not expect me to say.) it does not own the company that put Turkey Coinspace Coinspace the market. At this point, it is useful to know that all our critics are concerned with CoinSpace and its associated digital value, S-Coin, and that we are not concerned with the legality and legal status of the company. Here we will be able to bring a criticism of the company in Turkey. Terms of use on the site link does not work. I personally wanted to be able to read what I invested in, what my rights and obligations were on the site. It is so much more intimidating that it is pointless not to be able to get this information from a leading leader or team without meeting face-to-face.

As far as we see, the coinspace is an attempt to sell a variety of packages to people, saying that bitcoin and blockchain ratios have nothing to do with the ritual, “Bitcoin has risen, S-Coin will rise one day!”

  • No world wide crypto is traded in stock markets. It only has a structure given and taken back by them. For this reason, there is no interest in the Blockchain ecosystem.
  • The information such as what kind of innovations S-Coin is based on which crypto algorithm is produced remains unanswered. In short, what is the difference or similarity to Coinmarketcap’s close to 700? Why should people invest in this thing?
  • Why S-Coin Coinmarketcap ‘Te does not take place?
  • Blockchain-based open / closed crypto units are traded or want to see until they are worthless. The reason is that those who hold the crypt money in their possession can buy / sell at the price they want. Closed circuit should be approached with suspicion that the company itself is the center of the area and sales.
  • Crypto para The package is not sold in the eco system! This application is seen only in network marketing and sales. (Oneco like …)

Here are the reasons why we can add more Coinspace’s bitcoin to tell you NO CONTRIBUTION. However, we also know that no matter what we write here, we will enter into the system and enter the system thanks to the payment areas and the propaganda of network leaders. Remember that the greatest loss of those who enter such systems is not material but spiritual. Because those who draw people who trust and love him in and around him in these systems will cause the destruction of their trust and friendship that they have for many years and their great destruction to be experienced when they lose their money one day.

For those who missed the eye, a coin from the Hurriyet news We also find it useful to put it here.

Largest in the world 3 Ponzi system Coinspace in CoinTurk we definitely do not recommend . About Onecoin ranked # 1 on this list previously written There is also a benefit in reading the article.

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