What does MiPad 4 have to do to compete with the iPad 2018

What does MiPad 4 have to do to compete with the iPad 2018

Android tablets take quite a while to fall. Saving some Galaxy Tab and some MiPad, these devices have never managed to have the success of their main rivals, the iPad. Being honest, today, we think that Android tablets can not compete with you iPad . Apple optimizes iOS for these devices intensively, and it has nothing to do with the version that we find on an iPhone with which we find ourselves on an iPad . Better optimized apps, a MacOS dock, support for Apple Pencil …

On Android, using a tablet is like using a phone in a larger format, something that should start to change already. Recently, we tell you, one of the most anticipated tablets in the Android world , who has a difficult task ahead.

How can the MiPad 4 exceed the iPad 2018

Costing less than 300 euros

What does MiPad 4 have to do to compete with the iPad 2018

Apple has done very well with the price of its iPad 2018, against all odds, and that is It costs around 300 euros . An extremely economical price for a device with that screen, optimization, battery and support for Apple Pencil. The MiPad, with its presumable Snapdragon 660, should not cost more than 250 in its most basic version, if it really wants to be a competitive rival.

It is true that it will be a tablet something premium, the best that Xiaomi has presented in a long time, but Apple is who reigns in iron throne in the world of tablets , and others must adapt to that price, yes or yes.

Optimize MIUI for tablet

What does MiPad 4 have to do to compete with the iPad 2018

MIUI has a great optimization and functionality, but ** we do not want to see an extended version of this ROM in the MiPad 4. Xiaomi must adapt its Android fork to the MiPad format, and add features that really take advantage of the size and format . Although a tablet can be a leisure tool, it is appreciated when they are optimized to work directly with them, as in the case of the iPad.

MIUI 10 has a lot of potential ahead, so we hope that, when this version comes to the MiPad – it will be released with MIUI 9, since version 10 is still in beta -, find specific news for tablet .

Do not repeat the failures of other years

What does MiPad 4 have to do to compete with the iPad 2018

Despite maintaining good value for money, the MiPads have never shone on their screen or their audio . I still remember going out on the street with MiPad 2, and not seeing anything at all because of the low brightness of the panel. The panels of Apple are well calibrated, and have a good brightness, the MiPad should not be left behind.

The audio does not stand out at all in these devices either, and considering what the tablets incite to play video, it is obligatory that Xiaomi takes care of the audio. With these details at a good price, the MiPad 4 could be an alternative to the iPad , although as always, only time will tell if this ends up happening or not.


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