WestWorld for Android is now official: the HBO series comes to your mobile


The universe of WestWorld is here. In March we informed you of the opening of the registration process and although everything pointed out that on June 21 he would be the one chosen for the disembarkation of WestWorld for Android on Google Play, it was today June 19, when we can download and install this long-awaited game.

WestWorld for Android (also released for iOS) is based on the popular HBO series, which in turn is based on the novel of the same name. Michael Crichton launched in 1973. The creators of the game have wanted this to be very similar to the series, so they have largely respected the script of it, for which it has collaborated with its original writers.

Manage your park and make everything possible

With the second season of Westworld recently released and with a third already confirmed, comes to our Android smartphones a resource management title that collects all the essence of the dystopian universe of Crichton.

In the game we will take on the role of a new employee of the company Delos which is intended to perform training simulations of a rather dark theme park in which the employees ( hosts) They are androids without self-awareness designed and manufactured to fulfill the wishes of visitors.

WestWorld for Android for Android drinks a lot of Fallout Shelter, and immerses us in a title with aesthetic “cartoon” in which we must control everything that happens in our park.

One of the main characters of the series, Theresa Cullen , will monitor everything that happens in the park and that the visit to it complies with the expectations of its users, called guests .

The HBO series has a somewhat sordid tone that fades a lot in the Android title, but the essence of the game is the same: manage all the resources of the park and modify and innovate our hosts with advanced AI capabilities that allow them to meet the needs of the guests.

In WestWorld for Android we will have to improve the complexes and the stays of the park so that both hosts and guests have the most pleasant experience possible, and all this through a Interface simple and intuitive that nevertheless gives us a lot of possibilities.

The creators of the game have worked hard to make the graphics , despite their style of cartoon, be as faithful as possible to the environment of town of the West which shows the series, so, although it is not that we are before a title too original, it is very entertaining to play, especially if we are fans of the series.

WestWorld for Android is now official: the HBO series comes to your mobile

The game dynamics use two types of coins of different value and as it usually happens, we will have to meet certain objectives to get money with which to acquire new resources to invest in the park and thus expand our administrative capabilities.

In short, if you are looking for a good management game with which to spend enough hours hooked to your smartphone, do not hesitate to take a look at the title, for what little we have seen, it is worth giving it a try. WestWorld for Android is already available on Google Play .

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