Waterproof makeup: all the keys

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  • The keys of waterproof makeup
  • How do I unsharp myself with waterproof products?
  • The best brands and products of waterproof makeup

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The keys of waterproof makeup

We all know that it is very difficult to get a perfect makeup, and even more in summer. That’s why waterproof makeup has become an ally for our beauty routine. This type of makeup is really nothing new, since in the 1930s began to spread in film studios so that there were no problems when rolling underwater.

Elaborated with fine waxes and micronized powders They are fixed on the skin, these products manage to create a uniform film compatible with water, which does not remove even a single drop of your makeup.

Waterproof makeup: all the keys

In what situations is it advisable to use waterproof makeup? If you are a fan of makeup and you can not leave home without makeup, with these products you can do it. It’s great to go to the beach, to the pool or even to the gym. These are some keys to use your waterproof makeup .

  • In the first place, it is ideal to apply them after having used a moisturizer with high sun protection factor in our skin. It is also recommended that they be long-lasting products so that they do not have to be applied continuously. If you prefer, the experts also recommend using BB Cream, as it provides color, conceals imperfections and has a natural and luminous finish, besides protecting us from the sun’s rays.
  • Apply yourself light makeup , with soft and almost neutral texture, so there is no excess. When dealing with situations in which you do not normally use a lot of makeup (beach, gym) you have to get to elaborate a natural makeup, blurred and not very defined , to get light.
  • Choose products based on your type of skin , since it does not act the same on oily skin as on dry skin.
  • A trick! Despite being a waterproof makeup, the shines accompany us on the beach given its high temperatures, it is therefore advisable to carry wipes in the bag mattifiers to eliminate them.
  • Do not confuse the products ‘Water resistant ‘(Only resist tears and perspiration) with the waterproof (they are resistant to contact with water)
  • Eyes can be made up with eye shadows, usually with cream texture , like the blushes.
  • When it comes to lips, there are many waterproof bars and glosses . They are very useful for all kinds of situations, and become a great ally if we plan to take a bath.
  • Make yourself up taking into account the place you go . If you go to the beach, excessive makeup does not look good. And remember not to rub your eyes!

These are some recommendations when using waterproof products. Now comes the most difficult moment: How do we eliminate them from the face?

We continue!

How do I unsharp myself with waterproof products?

It’s time to go home, and to remove makeup. A cumbersome time if we have used waterproof products. The daily cleaning routine does not change, although in this case it is necessary to use specific products, since, given the resistance they present to water, it is more complicated to eliminate them.

It is very important to clean the skin correctly, so that there are no remains. After removing makeup, it is essential moisturize the face, since it can be drier than usual given the composition of the products.

Waterproof makeup: all the keys

Because of this dryness they produce, the specific removers for waterproof tend to be oily, which also makes them moisturizing. Therefore, you can not miss the need for a biphasic makeup remover , ideal for the most oily skin, or Cleansing wipes specific for waterproof makeup. These are the steps you must follow:

Products to be used: biphasic makeup remover, cleansing milk, cotton disks and astringent tonic.

  1. He biphasic makeup remover It is based on the mixture of water and oil. Before using it, you must shake the product well so that both parts are mixed.
  2. With the help of a cotton disk , begin to apply it in the area of ​​the eyes.
  3. Leave the disk a few seconds over the eye to make elimination easier. Repeat this step as many times as necessary.
  4. To remove the makeup from the rest of your face, use cleansing milk .
  5. Once you have removed all the makeup, it is adequate use an astringent tonic to avoid irritations and maintain the pH of your skin.
  6. Finally, apply your moisturizer so that your face stays perfectly hydrated.

If you see that you can not get rid of the waterproof makeup on your face, you can try homemade tricks, such as Rocío Martínez, from the blog Qtalesta.com, which brings us three new ways to remove waterproof from your face, with products that you probably have at home.

  • Shaving cream. Coooooomo? If possible. You can check in this video that I leave below, the famous channel NikkiTutorials. In short, explains that you have to massage the skin for half a minute with the shaving cream and then you have to rinse with water . Be careful with your eyes!

  • Vaseline . In addition to removing any trace of lipstick, leaves them hydrated. You have to apply and leave for a few minutes. Then, with a cloth dipped in warm water, clean the lips gently. Apply moisturizer or a little more Vaseline on the lips.
  • Olive oil, almonds or coconut . It is a good choice for eye makeup. The oil removes the waterproof properties of your mask, helping it to drain off your eyelashes without hardly rubbing. Next, apply a mild cleansing gel. If you want to use it for the entire face, you should be careful if you have oily skin.

As you can see, there are a thousand ways to remove make-up, with all kinds of products, and many of them specific for waterproof makeup.

Now it’s time to get to know the best brands of waterproof makeup.

The best brands and products of waterproof makeup

If you want to have the best in waterproof makeup, these are some of my ideas, brands that we have in Belletica and that are quite affordable and have a great value for money. Here they go:

  • Velvet Touch Lipliner waterproof, by Gosh. It is very easy to apply and outline the lip avoiding the lipstick to move and the small lines around the lip are marked. It can be used as a lipstick for an extremely matte and long lasting tone. It contains vitamin E, Jojoba oil and does not contain mineral oils. It can be sharpened with a cosmetic sharpener, and it does not carry perfume.

Waterproof makeup: all the keys

  • Concealer Liquid Camuflage, Catrice . Its liquid texture provides a perfect long-lasting coverage and is even water resistant. Forget about spots and irregularities on your face.

Waterproof makeup: all the keys

  • H20 Eyeliner Liquid, by Wet n’wild . Your brush has a soft texture and felt tip, which allows us an enviable precision. But the best comes from the hand of its formula, which results in a stain-proof and water-resistant finish.

Waterproof makeup: all the keys

  • Prime and Fine drops make up transformer, by Catrice . These droplets make the makeup base waterproof. I love! One of its main advantages is that it is very simple to apply. These drops have an effect as if it were magical powers, since they turn any base of liquid makeup into waterproof by simply mixing them with it.

Waterproof makeup: all the keys

  • Mascara waterproof volume Million, L’oreal Paris. This compound has the function of multiplying x3 each of your tabs, similar to if you wear them. Also, it does not matter if it rains, sweats or you wash your face, the Million Volume has a waterproof effect.

Waterproof makeup: all the keys

  • Makeup Photo Shoot, from w7. This foundation is water resistant, and stands out for its medium coverage, light texture and impeccable finish.

Waterproof makeup: all the keys

  • Mousse Foundation makeup cream, from 2B. This light makeup cream softens and matifies your skin, so you can say goodbye to the shine. Its texture leaves a very fresh feeling on your face and will unify your tone so that no imperfections can be seen.

Waterproof makeup: all the keys

  • Conceal + Perfect 2 in 1, by Milani. It is full coverage and virtually eliminates all dark circles, redness, blemishes and other imperfections that may appear on the face. It is a waterproof makeup foundation that in turn works as a powerful concealer. Do not you think it’s ideal?

Waterproof makeup: all the keys

  • Prime & Fine matifying powders, by Catrice . Thanks to its innovative formula with vitamin A and E, the drops of water simply slip and your skin stays perfect and maintained without large pores. The compact powder comes in a transparent shade that adapts to all skin types.

Waterproof makeup: all the keys

  • Eye shadow Masterpiece Color, by Max Factor . This eye applicator combines three benefits, its format, its formula and its applicator. A great innovation! The applicator is part of the packaging and comes with a flexible foam that allows a more precise and easy to slip application. Its formula is based on a liquid cream that is transformed during its application, leaving a feeling of a slight dust and so you forget that you wear it.

Waterproof makeup: all the keys

  • Lipstick Slim Lipstick, by Pierre René. It is resistant to water, without silicone oils, or volatile silicones. Get a uniform color on the lips without drying them out. We can find two varieties: Rich and Soft.

Waterproof makeup: all the keys

These are my ideal products to make a complete makeup without having to worry about it being erased by water ?

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