Warren Buffett’s Office Surrounded by Bitcoin Billboards!

Warren Buffett's Office Surrounded by Bitcoin Billboards!
Warren Buffett's Office Surrounded by Bitcoin Billboards!

In the Bitcoin awareness campaign initiated by Genesis Mining, an interesting ad was placed on billboards outside Warren Buffett’s office. On Billboard “Warren: You said it was unfair about Google and Amazon. Maybe it’s also unfair about Bitcoin? ” At the bottom of the billboard is the company logo and ‘BitcoinAwareness’ hashtag.

Ads on other billboards were given after criticizing Bitcoin at Buffett’s meeting. The company intends to “educate” people about Bitcoin through the Bitcoin campaign and to improve Bitcoin’s negative image in the mainstream media.

At the Consensus conference in New York, Genesis Mining organized the “Bankers Against Bitcoin” [BAB] show. Protestors in the banking role of the show carried anti-Bitcoin pancakes to show that the banking sector is against Bitcoin.

The CEO of the company, Marco Streng, noted on the BAB website that decentralized technology is the most up-to-date of the banks, and that the future of noncompetitive banks will be as evident.

Discover Bitcoin campaign

Web site #ExploreBitcoin campaign has been launched two years ago to create BTC and Blockchain awareness. In 2016, the campaign was targeted at JPMorgan CEO Jamie Dimon, who criticized BTC for harsh words on billboards at the Miami BTC Conference. In 2017, there were journalists who campaigned badly at BTC’s campaign. Campaign ads for Florida tours were worth $ 2.4 million for the current value of 10 thousand Btc pizzas in 2010. On another taxi, Bitcoin wrote that it was a technology, not a company or an organization.

Apart from these, it was stated that people could freely send money to BTC on freeway billboards in San Francisco and Los Angeles. The banners carried in front of the Western Union branches in three American cities say, “Money should not be paid. Send money to Bitcoin free of charge. Always, everywhere. ”

Streng noted that they were in the process of preparing a new campaign.

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