Vodafone triples the gigas of the tariffs yu


Every time we consume more data. And it is normal. With social networks like Instagram, and services such as YouTube and Spotify, users are increasingly reaching the data limit, so they have no choice but to manage the remaining megabytes or add a new data bonus to their rate.

Luckily many operators are taking it into account, and in the case of Vodafone , today announced a promotion that seeks just that. The operator usually launches promotions of this type almost every month, and this time has presented the possibility of tripling the data rate.

Vodafone triples the data of its tariffs Vodafone yu

Vodafone triples the gigas of the tariffs yu

Now that we are approaching dangerously at the end of the year, Vodafone has prepared another new promotion with which to finish the 2018 well loaded gigas. The new promotion will multiply your data rate by three in a period between October 31 and January 31, 2019, so you will also have an extra charge on your data during the first month of next year.

Get three gigs with Vodafone yu

The only thing we have to take into account is that only the prepaid modalities can benefit from the promotion, since only the Yuser, Super YUser and Mega Yuser plans will be able to activate the triplicate of data. If, on the contrary, you are on a contract, the company has not announced anything at the moment, so it will be necessary to see if you launch an offer or promotion before the end of the year.

Triple promotion of gigas with Vodafone yu

Vodafone triples the gigas of the tariffs yu

The aforementioned prepaid rates would remain as follows after the triplicate of data:

  • Yuser : Of the original 1.5 GB of the tariff, users will have 4.5 GB of data to be able to consume until January 31. In addition, they may continue to have limited SMS and MMS to other Vodafone yu numbers regardless of whether they are contract or prepaid, and have 15 minutes to call the rest of national mobiles. Its price is 10 euros per month.
  • Super Yuser : In this case we would go from having 2 GB to enjoying 6 GB of data. Again with unlimited calls, SMS and MMS between Vodafone yu numbers and with 30 minutes in calls to numbers of other operators. It costs 15 euros per month.
  • Mega Yuser : This is the rate with more data, a bonus that with the promotion would go from 3.5 GB to 10.5 GB. It includes unlimited calls, SMS and MMS between Vodafone numbers and allows 60 minutes in calls to other operators without additional cost. Its price is 20 euros per month.

It should also be noted that the last two rates, Super Yuser and Mega Yuser, include the Social Pass and Chat Pass service free of charge , so the main messaging and social networking applications will not consume data bonus megabytes.

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