Vodafone celebrates the summer with a free 25 GB data bonus for contract customers


If you are a contract client in Vodafone and meet the requirements, the operator will soon offer you a free 25 GB data bonus so you can enjoy it during the summer. That is the new promotion with which the company wants to give their customers that adds to the already known, the gift of Music Pass for three months.

During the summer we usually spend more time away from home and take the opportunity to carry out this long-awaited and deserved vacation trip. Factors that condition a greater use of telecommunications services from our mobile. Data consumption skyrockets and operators know it well, which they take advantage of to gain the trust of their clients with promotions. During the last weeks we have known the plans of operators like Lowi, Amena, Jazztel or Orange, that in the majority of the cases have offered bonus of gift data. Now, Vodafone will join this trend.

Free music in summer without spending megas: TIDAL and free Music Pass on Vodafone

Gift voucher of 25 GB of gift in Vodafone

As announced by Xataka Móvil, Vodafone will launch a new summer promotion on July 15th. This adds to the gift of Music Pass for three months, although this time the proposal of the red operator becomes more attractive at a general level.

And it is that the teleco will give to its clients of contract with a bonus of data of 25 GB that they will be able to consume until next the 31 of August. This bonus is complementary to your own Vodafone rate contracted, so according to the user use the Internet connection from the mobile will be subtracting mega bonus gift.

Music Pass, Social Pass and Tidal free for Yu customers of Vodafone

For contract customers

Who can take advantage of Vodafone’s new summer promotion and its gift voucher? As indicated by the source, it will be available automatically for all users with the RED, Mini and Yuser contract rates, in addition to the Vodafone One convergent rates. In the latter case, additional lines with a data bonus of 500 MB and + Holiday Lines. Similarly, it is not compatible with prepaid rates.

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