Vladimir Putin: We should build our own Blockchain platforms

Russia’s President Vladimir Putin, who made his annual speech to members of the Bundestag, a parliament of the country, the Blockcha technology.

This was not Putin’s first word on Blockchain. Not long ago, he emphasized the opportunities that could arise from the adoption of the Blockchain solutions, saying that Russia should not be left behind in this race, the late ones would be dependent on this process leaders.

Vladimir Putin: We should build our own Blockchain platforms

Putin’s new interpretations in the parliament, however, reveal a clearer approach.

‘We should build our own digital platforms’

Putin stated that in the section where he spoke to Blockchain, the country had to build its own Blockchain platforms:

“We have to build our own digital platforms. There is no need to say that it should be in line with the global field of knowledge. It; financial transactions, property rights, etc. will open the way to restructuring its production processes, financial services and logistics, including the use of Blockchain technology, which is crucial to its success. These initiatives have real-world use. ”

Putin’s statements in this regard resemble India’s Prime Minister Narendra Modi, who urged India to quickly adopt disruptive technologies such as Blockchain and IoT. Putin, on the other hand, has been using Blockchain technology and crypto money Vitalik Buterin BRICS countries and the Eurasian Economic Association will be supported by a multinational crypto money .

Russia is expected to clarify legal regulations on crypto-money by July. The Ministry of Finance of the country and the Central Bank of Russia proposed two separate laws for this purpose. The Ministry of Finance wants to give ICO permission under the regulatory framework. The Central Bank, on the other hand, does not want to legalize any crypto money by objecting to it altogether.

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