Vladimir Putin disclosed his views on crypto-money at the annual question-and-answer session

Russian leader Vladimir Putin made vague, but mostly unfavorable, comments on Russia’s own crypt money during the annual lively question-and-answer session with the Russian people.

According to Cointelegraph, Russian journalist Artem Khokholikov said in a live session with the head of state, now known as the “Direct Line” crypto money about three questions:

“Will Russia have its own crypto money? Will it be controlled by the government? Do you think that in the near future, crypto money will completely change our normal, standard money? ”

Putin said that Russia can not have its own crypto money because the definition is that the crypto-currency can not be owned by a central state and is beyond the borders.

The Russian leader then handled the crypt money as a form of payment and said, “Experts say that Japan accepts crypt money as part payment, but it is not valid in other countries.” Putin said in his words:

“The Central Bank of the Russian Federation regards it as neither a payment instrument nor a value deposit in relation to crypt money. Crypto money is not supported by anything. ”

Putin He also added that this phenomenon that is developing in the world should pay attention to determine how Russia can participate in the process.

“We should also look at how we can use crypt money to avoid any restrictions on international financial activity,” the Russian leader pointed to the potential use of the crypto currency to prevent the already imposed Western sanctions on the country.

The introduction of crypto money in such a session indicates that it will be a more active issue in politics in the near future.


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