Virtual reality, a star alternative to analgesics in French hospitals

Virtual reality, a star alternative to analgesics in French hospitals

To this day, few users dare to buy a virtual reality device as a form of entertainment. Although the main platforms already offer quite satisfactory experiences, the available catalog is not as wide as in a video game console to use , not to say that it requires a lot more space and time to play.

The fact is that although among the general public does not harvest great results for now, where they have found a great use for virtual reality is in the St. Joseph hospital in France . As we read in, these glasses have become the new star tool of the consultations.

Submerging the patient in a relaxed virtual reality environment, where you can enjoy beautiful views or a cozy garden, Researchers have discovered that pain tolerance increases . Patients who have used this method of distraction during routine examinations have been able to perform the corresponding tests without having to resort to analgesics.

Virtual reality, a star alternative to analgesics in French hospitals

The explanation is obvious. Such an immersive experience makes us focus on the sounds and what our eyes see, and that what our body feels passes into the background . Yes, you will continue to notice how the dentist puts a small saw in your mouth, but if you do not see or hear it, it is very likely that you will not get so nervous, which the doctor will greatly appreciate.

“It allows us to offer clients a technique to distract their attention and suppress their pain and anxiety when they are being treated in the emergency room. I believe that in 10 years virtual reality will not be questioned and will be used in hospitals routinely. ”

Doctor Oliver Ganasia, director of the Emergency Department at St. Joseph Hospital

For the moment, this medicinal use of virtual reality is still in a phase to be explored . Sometimes the doctor needs to communicate with the patient and it is likely that these tools may become a nuisance on those occasions. Therefore, there is still a time until we know if it is an alternative to assess.

And you? Do you think it can be a realistic use for virtual reality?


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