Video: this is the Pocophone F1 disassembled piece by piece


You know absolutely everything about the Pocophone F1 , but … do you have any idea how it is inside? To calm this inner doubt, we bring you today the video of the dismemberment of one of the most outstanding telephones of this year 2018. Sit down in the chair, prepare the popcorn and get ready to play . All yours.

The phone of Pocophone , new sub-brand of Xiaomi, came into our lives a couple of months ago boasting high-end features at the price of laughter. At the time we already explained why the Pocophone F1 is so cheap , but that does not mean it remains meritorious how it has caught everyone’s attention. That is why we are convinced that the next video will like you, as it reveals much better the secrets that are hidden inside the smartphone.

Video of the cutting of the Pocophone F1

In the popular channel JerryRigEverything they have taken charge of dismantling the phone to the delight of all its followers. According to its creator, opening the smartphone is quite easy and resembles, in that sense, the old design of the iPhone. With the removal of two key screws, pointed, located in the lower area of ​​the device, it is sufficient to proceed to remove the back cover and leave the interior in view.

As you can see, once opened it is quite easy to remove a cap that gives access to the area of ​​the motherboard. After removing the relevant screws, part of the liquid cooling system is exposed, although you will have to wait for the battery to be removed to fully appreciate it. The person in charge of cutting it up takes great pains with the cooling channel to the level of opening the kind of pipette that forms it to show that there is liquid inside. And speaking of fluids, the phone has inside indicators -some small white squares- scattered throughout the body that are responsible for singing if the Pocophone F1 has gotten wet -remember that the equipment is not waterproof.

Remember that a few days ago we could also check how much you can with the resistance test of the Pocophone F1 . It showed that although it has a plastic housing not particularly durable, the phone resists with dignity, demonstrating that, if you are one of those who get the most note, you can stoically endure some difficulties that are along the way. After all this handling of the phone and getting to know it even better, does the phone still seem as attractive?

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