Video of the Xiaomi Mi Mix 3 in operation, that would arrive with 10 GB of RAM


In little more than a week we will know all the surprises that Xiaomi hides in us Xiaomi Mi Mix 3 (which are not so many because of the brand itself, which does not stop leaking information from its next top of the range). Today a video that shows the phone in operation, advancing its retractable camera and unlocking a Xiaomi Mi Notebook comes to light.

Although the video focuses on showing how you can unlock your computer with an Apple Watch or with the brand’s new phone, the most striking thing is definitely to check how the Xiaomi Mi Mix 3 will use the fingerprint reader under the screen to unlock devices , as we saw yesterday in the . The same video shows the design of the mobile phone, confirming the front aspect featuring a full screen without borders that we could slide downwards so that the front camera of the mobile phone makes an appearance.

One of the biggest doubts that this system generates is its durability and if it will negatively affect the thickness of the phone, which could increase by having two sliding elements with each other.

First mobile with 10 GB of RAM

Yesterday we unveiled the . The company itself invites us to see its next smartphone without bevels, which, as seen in the video leaked a few minutes ago, hides a retractable camera, on October 25, but after this announcement has begun to launch mobile teasers where announces its compatibility with 5G networks and … 10 GB of RAM ?

After the announcement of the release date, Xiaomi immediately released another poster for the Xiaomi Mi Mix 3 that shows the union between 5G and 10G. Obviously it is expected that this last figure refers to the RAM of the mobile, which would make the device the first phone with 10 GB of RAM inside, in addition to being the first terminal to be launched on the market ready to work in 5G networks .

Curiously, the , phone, apparently imitated by Xiaomi to give life to its camera module, was leaked days ago in the NETWORK with a , but it seems that the Chinese firm that brings more phones to the market throughout the year it could be ahead of its competitor. Next week we will discover it.

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