Use your fingerprint or password to protect your WhatsApp chats


None of us are safe from prying eyes when we use any instant messaging app. Of course, protect your WhatsApp chats with your fingerprint .

In previous occasions we have explained, step by step, how to so that nobody can access any content hosted in the app and other times we have helped you to and prepare false screens with the that deceive the most curious. Now that almost all phones have a fingerprint sensor, we will use our fingerprints to protect chats and groups of WhatsApp individually.

All this is achieved thanks to the Locker for WhatsApp app, available to download for free from the Google Play Store

Download Locker for WhatsApp for Android

Configure Locker for WhatsApp

The first thing that the application will ask us as soon as it is installed on our Android device is the granting of accessibility permits. This is the fundamental step we must follow to be able to use our fingerprint to protect WhatsApp chats . Once granted, it is not necessary to establish a new fingerprint because the application uses automatically, the one that we have configured in phone. Of course, if we do not have any, we will have to configure it through the Android settings.

Use your fingerprint or password to protect your WhatsApp chats

Once we have accessibility permits granted, we just have to go to the initial screen of Locker for WhatsApp and click on the symbol to add contacts or groups (+) . We can add as many chats as we want to protect them with a password or with a fingerprint, but let’s use the system we use, it will be mandatory to establish a 4-digit PIN.

Once these steps are completed, upon accessing WhatsApp , the selected chats and groups will be inaccessible from the messaging application itself unless we enter the same PIN configured in the previous step or our fingerprint. If you want to remove the protection of any conversation, go back to Locker for WhatsApp and click on the “Select” menu located in the upper right corner. Choose all the contacts or groups that you want to release from the password yoke and you can access them again as you have been doing until now.

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