Use the Haven app from Edward Snowden to turn your phone into a caring tool

The Haven app lets you use the sensors in your smartphone as a care tool for data collection.

With a small search in the app store Google You will notice that there are plenty of apps to collect information and monitor the movements of the handset, although none of them will be as good as a real security camera. Haven: Keep app Watch There are also apps that come with this category, but what this app does makes it different from other similar apps.

First of all, this app is a joint product of the Guardian Project and the Freedom of the Press Foundation, which is now based in Edward Snowden’s hands. This app is described as a program for protecting assets and personal space without compromising user privacy.

Unlike other care apps that only use your smartphone’s camera and microphone, Haven uses all the sensors in the device to detect motion, sound, light and even vibration. If all of these sensors are not enough for you, we need to tell you that Haven combines all this information to keep everything as safe as the Signal app and the Tor software.

The Haven app lets you choose what type of information you want to collect, for example, if you want to put your phone on the desk or in the drawer to record only sounds, Haven lets you collect information from Disable camera path.

The app transfers any unauthorized activity and distributes any disruption to your original phone as notifications, and you can remotely access the reports sent by this app at any time of the day.

Use the Haven app from Edward Snowden to turn your phone into a caring tool

It’s obvious that this app is a great deal of thought and reflection; another positive point is that the Guardian project and the Press Freedom Foundation have designed this app to suit the needs of human rights defenders and journalists whose work Research And search in various affairs.

Haven is designed to install it on a secondary phone that is not your main phone and do not need it all the hours and use this secondary phone to collect information. This app can now be downloaded from the PlayStation. Now Haven at the stage the experiment General (Public Beta ) And that’s why there are some problems, but the initial feedback on this app is very positive.

Download link for the Haven app from the PlayStation

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