Unincorporated Exchange from Binance

Unincorporated Exchange from Binance
Unincorporated Exchange from Binance

According to a statement made on 13 March, Binance, which is the biggest crypto money market according to market volume, began work on Blockchain to create a decentralized stock exchange.

Binance’s vision was to inspire them in developing the Binance Chain, a centralized and decentralized stock exchange that will soon come together to complement each other and be used for trading Blockchain assets. With this move, it was stated that the crypto money exchanges would become a company from being a company.

Binance, on the other hand, “We believe that the best way to improve this sector is to consistently support high-quality block projects. We will continue to develop this section as we mentioned in our presentation documentation. ” said.

Together with this new Blockchain, the stock market will also host Binance Coin (BNB), a token to be found on its network.

This decentralized stock exchange will leave the central stock exchange as it will not serve a third party holding client funds. In other words, customers will be able to operate with other users without needing a central server and will not be an authority to supervise.

In addition, centralized stock market hacking is more difficult than the central stock exchange.

Binance’s decentralized stock market statement came shortly after they announced that they would award a $ 250,000 prize to anyone who could provide information about the people responsible for the March 7th hacking attempt.

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