Ufone Football Championship: Muslim Club won two matches in a row

April 22, 2017

Khuzdar, April 22, 2017: Ufone Football Championship: Muslim Club today, has won two matches in a row by defeating DFA Green and DFA Red in two different matches in Chaman at Nawaz Khan Shaheed football ground during Ufone Football Championship.

In the first match played yesterday, Muslim Club has defeated DFA Green by 2- 0. For the winning team, goals were scored by Tahir and Jamil Khan.

In the second match, played today against DFA Red, Muslim Club once again secured victory. For the winning team, Shah Wali’s solitary goal paved the way for victory in this exciting match between two equally matched sides.

Ufone brand ambassador and national football team star Fazal Mohammad is also participating in the tournament. He is a source of inspiration for the rest of the emerging footballers who can look at Fazal’s rise and push on to achieve their teams.

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