Uber adds VoIP calls to your app


Uber has announced a new option within the communication methods of your app that you are sure to be interested in. These are VoIP calls , which are incorporated into the platform application menu for use by the user. We tell you all the details we know at the moment.

From now on, Uber drivers and users will be able to communicate through the company’s application through the Internet voice protocol, also known as VoIP. It seems that the company that has been testing this function since the month of June and now has finally been prepared to announce it officially at a conference held in San Francisco.

How to use VoIP calls in Uber

So far, Uber offered in its app three methods for drivers and users communicate: SMS text messages, chats within the app and the call by telephone network. Now, you will see that you have the option to also use VoIP calls , thus opening a wider range of communication methods that will be very useful in certain circumstances. And, Uber itself recognizes that as it was expanding worldwide began to be interested in VoIP calls, in many cases cheaper than the telephone network.

Those who travel frequently to other countries, will also find here an important help, being able to use their data and not pulling roaming calls that may involve a much higher extra cost.

Uber adds VoIP calls to your app

Likewise, the bet on VoIP calls – you have a capture, courtesy of The Verge , on these lines – helps the driver and the user not leave the application at any time, coordinating everything from it, in addition to contributing to better communication in certain circumstances. As explained by Uber, there are times when talking on the phone becomes very complicated (after a concert or sports event in which many people gather and telephone support collapses), so that the VoIP option will help the service keep running smoothly , picking up users effectively.

The developers of Uber are also testing new tools to improve GPS positioning that also help the driver to meet their requests more accurately (something that when you are in dense urban environments does not always occur).

And all this without talking about another benefit that VoIP brings: data privacy . With this function neither the driver nor the user are obliged to openly share their phone numbers with each other, something that depends on the way of working in each country – you knew that in Japan, for example, Uber drivers rarely use their phones When they work? – Surely many will like it.

Are you a Uber user? Do you like to now incorporate VoIP calls?

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