Two things that led to the decline of Bitcoin to 8,300 dolars

Bitcoin and other cryptographic components, Bitcoin Has seen a downward trend since December 17th when it saw $ 20,000. Crypto money In addition to the regulatory threats of the governments, Mt. There’s also a big impact selling the BTCs that Gox has in my possession.

In general terms, there are two underlying reasons for Bitcoin’s decline to the level of $ 8300 today:

1- Mt. Continuation of sales of Gox kayyum

Two things that led to the decline of Bitcoin to 8,300 dolars

In 2014, Mt. The Gox stock had the greatest steal of Bitcoin history and more than 600 Bitcoins were stolen. In addition, after the incident, the stock market went bankrupt and closed down, and Bitcoin prices around the world were also plummeting.

200 Bitcoins that were lost during the event were found later.

Mt. Nobuaki Kobayashi appointed to Gox; In December, January and February, as a result of consultations with the court, they announced that they sold about 40,000 Bitcoins over the stock exchanges for the payments to be made to the receivers. Kobayashi made an important note in this statement. It was stated that additional sales could be made in the next period in line with the decision that the court will give.

Having more than 166 Bitcoins in its hands, the cyst continues to sell at various crypto money exchanges, not in OTC markets where large buyers can trade with each other.

2- The rumor that the Binance stock market is hacked

The ongoing decline of the last 2-3 days, essentially the building of started with the rapid spread of the rumor that the stock market was hacked. But the API keys of those who use third-party software, such as trading bots on the stock exchange, and not the real stock market, were seized.

On the other hand, Binance is also alleged to have planned this event himself to manipulate the market.

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