Twitter will help you keep a close eye on the 2018 World Cup


Twitter is about works these days. And is that its creators have proposed to change the way they offer us information and current affairs, making it much more accessible and appropriate to our tastes and preferences. For this they have introduced changes in our Timeline as well as in the tabs to explore and notifications, which will now show much more personalized information. So much so, that now Twitter will help us follow the 2018 World Cup soccer with a personalized page.

Among the changes that will come to the Twitter app we will find a new tab of To explore that now it will not organize the contents by the type to which they belong (video, text, images), but now it will be classified by themes, which will be chosen based on our preferences. But the other areas of Twitter will also change in the coming months.

This will be the Twitter app in a few months

With the renewal of Twitter will come new features to the tab of Searches , since now they will appear at the top of it Related news , events and stories that will take us to all the information grouped about a certain topic.

Twitter will help you keep a close eye on the 2018 World Cup

Finally, we will also see changes in our Timeline, since the function of “Happening now” (is happening now) will not be limited to some sporting events, but it will be extended to other news of interest based on the pages that we follow and the theme of our Tweets.

Notifications and exclusive pages of the 2018 World Cup

Although the previous modifications will take a few months to arrive in the US and maybe more to our country, if there will be other changes that will arrive in a few weeks .

Twitter will help you keep a close eye on the 2018 World Cup

One of them will be the possibility of receiving personalized notifications based on our interests and people followed, which eliminates the problem of being received on our Android or iPhone smartphone notifications about news or topics that are not of our interest. If we still do not want to be bothered, the app will give us the possibility to deactivate these notifications.

One of the things that has caught our attention is the fact that all these changes can help us to be aware of everything that happens in the 2018 World Cup in much simpler ways, but it is that besides that, Twitter has created an exclusive page dedicated to this event that we can access from the top of our Timeline, but also through the Explore tab or with searches.

With this personalized page of the 2018 World Cup we can be aware of each game, score, video or tweet related to this competition, so it is a very easy way not only to be informed, but to interact with other fans of this sport and tweet about any topic related to the same. And if that was not enough, each party consist of your own page within the previous one, so that the information is even more accessible.

According to the Twitter blog this new feature will be available for both Android and iOS from today in several languages, among which is Spanish.

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