Try the new features of YouTube before anyone with the beta for Android


If you spend more time in the YouTube application than in the internet browser, you’d better take a look at the betas program that Google has launched for its streaming content service, since it will allow you to keep an eye on the future without the need of any time machine.

Thanks to YouTube’s beta testing program, users will be able to access the next news that the service will release in future updates that will arrive to the official Android application. If you want to know how to get them, you just have to keep reading to find out all the details.

How to enter the YouTube Betas program

Try the new features of YouTube before anyone with the beta for Android

Accessing the preliminary versions of the YouTube application is quite easy, since you only have to enable the function in the link that we will indicate to you next. Something that you must keep in mind is that to enter the test version you must commit to not disclose or share the functions you discover in the new version, as they will not be announced officially until they finally reach all the users with the final update of the application.

To get access to the YouTube beta you just have to follow the following steps:

Try the new features of YouTube before anyone with the beta for Android

Once inside, the application will be updated periodically with new features that are incorporated into the service in the future, so from now on, you will always have future YouTube features before anyone else. The testing program has a limited “capacity”, so that when Google runs out of seats, no user can join. In the event that this happens, you will receive a message at the moment you request the request.

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Can I exit the YouTube Betas program?

Affirmative. If the experimental tests have tired you and you prefer to keep things in order and without so many updates, you can always exit the program by visiting the application page again and clicking on “Exit the program”. Once this is done, you will have to update the YouTube application to return to the most stable and recent version published in the Play Store.

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