Top 10 search engines for people to easily find people

There are situations that make us say “It’s a small world,” like when you meet someone in an unexpected place. However, if you are looking for a long lost friend or if you are only looking for that person that you met some day, you can agree when I say that the world is not that small after all. Fortunately, as we all know, the web is a place where you can get most of your answers. Well, there are several people search services that allow you to search for people and get details around you.

Apart from finding people you are looking for, people search websites can be useful, when you are looking for a roommate or start working with someone. Therefore, without further ado, Here are the top 10 search engines for people you should use:

1. Pipl

Top 10 search engines for people to easily find peoplePipl is without doubt the most popular and deserved search service for people, considering that it works in almost all countries and offers very accurate results . The platform allows you to easily obtain professional, social and contact information. You can enter the name, email, username or phone and choose to enter the location or not and simply press the search button to get results. In our tests, it worked quite well and the results were quite accurate. Also, unlike most other people’s search sites, Pipl is available for free, but includes some sponsored results.

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2. It has been validated

Top 10 search engines for people to easily find peopleBeenVerified is one of my personal favorites when it comes to people search sites, due to its simplicity and characteristics that make it stand out against other people’s search engines. With BeenVerified, you can search through names, email addresses, phone numbers or location. The platform offers you all the details you can expect, such as social media accounts, photos, friends and connections, professional records, address history, background records, etc.

While the Basic details can be checked just by registering in a BeenVerified account, if you want a full report on someone’s background, you will need to obtain a Membership ($ 1 for a 5-day trial). BeenVerified brings you details of people from all over the world, but some features may be limited to the United States. It is available as a website, in addition to a mobile application for Android and iOS .

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3. White pages

Top 10 search engines for people to easily find peopleWhitepages is much more than a people search service and it is a great tool, if you want get more than social or professional information . The website offers detailed background reports on a person that includes information such as contact, addresses, properties, judicial and criminal records, attachments and judgments and much more. If you are looking to find a person, Whitepages is still a great service because it offers details about family members and associates, current contact details, etc. You can find a person through name and location, number of telephone, address or business. So, yes, it’s a very powerful tool .

While the details such as phone number, address, family members, places, etc. are available for free, if you want a full background report , you will have to obtain the premium subscription, Starting at $ 19.95 / month. In addition, the premium service of the website is only available in the United States.

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4. Spokeo

Top 10 search engines for people to easily find peopleSpokeo is another popular search engine that shows you details of white page listings, public records and social networks. You can search for people in Spokeo through the name, email address, phone details or location. The results include details of more than 60 social networks, photos and profiles online, profiles of dating sites, etc. In addition, Spokeo states that it uses proprietary web technology deep to get results that search engines usually lose.

We have found the Spokeo profiles well detailed and fairly accurate in our tests, so we will definitely recommend it to you. The service is available globally like a paid subscription, starting at $ 4.95 / month .

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5. PeekYou

Top 10 search engines for people to easily find peoplePeekYou is one of the few free people search sites that offers you details about a person, based on their social network accounts, web profiles, email addresses, contact data and other public records. It also uses its patented technology to get results from more than 60 websites, news sources, home pages, blog platforms, etc. You can search for people through names, location, web user name or reverse phone search. While the website works best when you are looking for someone it is different states of the USA, it also works decently when you are making a global search .

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6. Intelius

Top 10 search engines for people to easily find peopleIntelius is a people search engine that has covered you on most fronts. Be the usual details of people search, email search, search social networks, property records, background check, criminal background or reverse search . Along with the different options, the results are also excellent thanks to the robust Intelius database . While everything is good, Intelius is not free and the results are catered only to the US . There are different subscriptions for the people search report, the people search report more (includes the email search and the social network) and the background report, to Starting at $ 3.95 / month . If you only want to use it for a few hours, you can get the 24 hour pass for $ 19.95.

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7. Facebook

Top 10 search engines for people to easily find peopleNow, who is not aware of Facebook? Chances are that you are looking for people search sites after you could not find a person on Facebook. Well, there is a lot more in the Facebook search than you might know. For example, you can search for people based on the place they work, the interests, the location, the places they have been, etc., all thanks to the graphics search function. The Search graphics on Facebook is designed to offer results to natural language queries. You can even search for people through the function ” Search friends “, Which allows you to filter searches through several options. In general, Facebook is one of the best options to search for people around the world.

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8. Instant Checkmate

Top 10 search engines for people to easily find peopleInstant Checkmate is more a public records search service , but it is still useful if you want to know the important details of a person. The people search only in the United States It allows you to easily verify a person’s criminal history, documents related to the court, addresses, age, phone numbers, etc. Brings online profile data, federal data sources and state and national data sources. thanks to the advanced search technology of Instant Checkmate. All the details around a search are compiled in a clean report .

Instant Checkmate is a powerful service and although it seems a bit overwhelming with all the details about the background reports, it can be used as a people search service as well. However, you can only get the reports after you have purchased one of the subscriptions, starting at $ 19.95 .

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9. LinkedIn

Top 10 search engines for people to easily find peopleIf you are looking to find people through their professional details , LinkedIn is the best option there is. Microsoft’s proprietary service has some excellent search capabilities, which not everyone knows. You can search for specific keywords with names and location, use Boolean searches and much more. The LinkedIn search page also has a very useful sidebar, which allows you to use several filters. Therefore, if you are looking for a person you met at a professional meeting, LinkedIn should help you find it easily.

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10. Mylife

Top 10 search engines for people to easily find peopleUnlike other websites that search for people and services on this list, Mylife allows you to correct, monitor and improve your background reports in the web. Therefore, if you are worried about some false information that is spreading around, which could hinder your life, Mylife is for you. The search engine of the United States only offers you results with details such as phone number, address, email address, work history, education, political party, opinions and opinions, interests, relatives and social profiles. The good thing is that you can get all the details in a way free, but you’ll have to register . You can then choose to edit or delete any information you want. Therefore, while Mylife is designed for correction, you can use get details around a person, too.

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Google search and reverse image search

Google may not be marketed as a search engine for people, but it can do the job pretty well. You can simply search for people through names with specific keywords such as location, work, interests, etc. You can also do a reverse phone number search and if you have a picture of the person, you can also do an image search reverse to find the person you want. In addition, Google offers several tools such as time filters, country and an advanced search page, where you can easily restrict your search.

Top 10 search engines for people to easily find people

Search people with these people search engines

So, these were some of the best search engines of the people. Some of them work better in the US, while some work globally, so you can choose accordingly. In addition, we are confident that you will be able to find the person you are looking for with one of these websites, keeping in mind that they are all quite capable and offer advanced features. Well, try them out and let us know if they managed to help you. Sound off in the comments section below.


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