Today, July 17, World Emoji Day is celebrated, do you know why?

Today, July 17, World Emoji Day is celebrated, do you know why?

It is not an official day picked up by the UN, but for all emoji fans, July 17 is a very important date. Why? Because the. Organized by the boys of the Emojipedia , the largest encyclopedia of these emoticons we use every day, on July 17 is characterized by social networks are filled with people posting their favorite emojis , in addition to because the ‘2018 World Emoji Awards’ . In this kind of contest, you decide which is the best emoji of the most recently released, the most anticipated emoji, the best use of emojis and, of course, the emoji that best represents 2018.

But why is it celebrated today? Why July 17 and not another day? The reason is simple at the same time curious, and it’s because July 17 is the date that appears in the calendar emoji that you have installed on your keyboard. The reason why this day appears is because it was July 17, 2002 when Apple introduced iCal for Mac at the MacWorld Expo . You will never go to bed without knowing something new.

Twitter shows March 21 because it was when the company was founded.

He July 17th it is also the birthday of David Hasselhoff (driver of the Fantastic Car); Camilla (Duchess of Cornwall); Donald Sutherland (the bad guy in The Hunger Games); Julie Bishop (Minister of Foreign Affairs of Australia) and Angela Merkel (Chancellor of Germany). In the same way, in 1948, it was the date of the constitution of South Korea, the inauguration of Disneyland in California (1955) and the day on which the coup d’état against the government of the Second Republic in Spain took place. place to the Civil War (1936).

Going back to the emojis, one of the most common practices during World Emoji Day is the celebration of thematic parties , in people are disguised as their favorite emojis and they sing the Emojis Hymn . This hymn has been created by youtuber Jonathan Mann, and you can hear it right up here.

Last year, the winning emojis of the ‘2017 World Emoji Awards’ were announced live from the New York Stock Exchange by Jeremy Burg (creator of the Emojipedia). The winners were the one who cries with laughter, the poop with eyes and the thinking emoji . Do you want to participate in the voting for this year? Well, you can do it from. You can also share your favorite emojis with the hashatg #WorldEmojiDay on social networks and, of course, we invite you to tell us which is the emoji that you use the most in the comments . Happy Emoji World Day!


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