Toby: The Secret Mine, dark and fun platform game


This is one of those games that is worth trying in Android terminals. This we say because it is the most fun and also offers a quality and good taste that is rarely found in a development for mobile devices. We tell you what Toby offers : The Secret Mine .

We are in a platform development, but it is not the usual one that looks like Nintendo’s Mario. Not much less. The first thing that fills the attention is that the graphics that have been created for Toby: The Secret Mine are really eyecatching – and without having to resort to the three dimensions, which increases their compatibility with different smartphones and tablets. What is interesting is how well finished they are and how well they fit in the dark and luminous atmosphere that the game offers. By the way, that the sound is also excellent , with a well finished soundtrack and that is not typical in two minutes just hammered.

Toby: The Secret Mine, dark and fun platform game

Something that in this game has a minor importance is translation , because to get to overcome the different levels that make up Toby: The Secret Mine you do not have to read practically two words in a row (therefore, to comment on this respect does not make much sense ). The fact is that using the game is as simple as it uses four elements on the touch screen: two direction buttons and another pair to jump and perform actions -nothing shots, this creation is not about that- . With this, everything that has to be done is achieved without problems … what is needed is to hit the right moment to overcome the dangers and move forward.

The story is simple: in a village the vast majority of the inhabitants have been kidnapped, and Toby has decided to know what the reason is. To do so, one must enter a forest in which everything points to where the problems occur – and manage to decipher them and recover their neighbors. There are dangers and somewhat gloomy atmosphere , and a taste for handmade creations that are not seen in other games. By the way, that execution on weak terminals -2 GB of RAM- is completely fluid , so we are in a perfect development for all audiences.

Toby: The Secret Mine, a very complete game

Apart from the usual options that are included in the platform games, such as jumping or running to places where you are safe, in Toby: The Secret Mine include other possibilities that are interesting and that make it an eye-catching game . An example is different puzzles (in the form of machines that move and that must be controlled to give them use in the actions they execute). In addition, there are dangers, such as giant carnivorous plants that should be avoided … and we already anticipate that ingenuity is more important than bravery.

Important to know how to manage the lights that appear on the screen, with a background of a different color from level to level, since the flashes can make you lose an action if you do not take this into account (we do not talk about physics, as it does not have any special incidence). Apart, that there are many shadows and darkness sometimes makes the surprise of what is found is capital, and it is very important not to stop saving each and every one of the neighbors of the town, because otherwise it can not be overcome the level that is played.

The learning curve is smooth, which is appreciated as we are not an especially simple game as it progresses. Without being a game where the graphics are spectacular because they are complex and without a script that is not the best we have seen, the truth is that Toby: The Secret Mine is one of the creations that has most caught our attention lately . We liked it, and a lot.

Toby: The Secret Mine, dark and fun platform game

Toby: The Secret Mine for Android, how to download

You can download this game in both Galaxy Apps and Play Store . In the first case, getting it is free, in the Google store this is not the case. Be that as it may, we are a game that is attractive, fun and that exudes quality from all sides. Without a doubt, it is worth giving Toby a chance: The Secret Mine and enjoying its ambience and play of light.

Toby: The Secret Mine, dark and fun platform game

Download Toby: The Secret Mine on Galaxy Apps

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