Tinder is blocked by changes in Facebook policies

Tinder is blocked by changes in Facebook policies

We’ve been talking about Facebook for a few days because, because of – or thanks, depending on how you look at it – the Cambridge Analytica scandal, the company is doing a pretty important face-lift through changes in privacy policies and the improvement of privacy adjustments.

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And, precisely these changes in security policies and terms seem to have affected Tinder, the popular linking application, which has been blocked for a few hours due to changes on Facebook, We tell you everything below!

Tinder is blocked by changes in Facebook policies

Tinder stumbles over changes in Facebook policies

During all these days Facebook has been announcing that it is making changes in its platform to further ensure the privacy of its users, which, on the one hand, is good, and on the other, They should have done a long time ago, and not now to wash their withered reputation.

The fact is that at least Facebook is taking action, and these, apparently have affected Tinder, the application to flirt and meet people of which we have spoken to you on occasion, leading a very curious situation to users who wanted to access the platform.

Tinder is blocked by changes in Facebook policies

And, to access the Tinder account is necessary to use the Facebook account, and changes in the policies of the social network of Zuckerberg have affected these logins, and they have caused that, during a not too long time, the users could not access their account.

However, as we read in SlashGear, Tinder has confirmed that the problem has been solved, and that users can now access the platform in a normal way, which had been blocked by “a technical problem”. However, they recommend updating the application and running the most recent version of it.

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