Tinder already has a rival: Facebook Dating is here and starts its tests in Colombia

Tinder already has a rival: Facebook Dating is here and starts its tests in Colombia

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Surely it will not be easy for Facebook to recover the credibility after the scandal, and that the surveys also affirm that

The latest is Facebook Dating, its own online dating service to compete with” tells us the service is already functional in latin american country where>people over 18 years old can create profiles of appointments waiting for coincidences , which will surely arrive as more and more users join.

Many will believe that Facebook Dating is late to the party of Tinder, Bumble and other similar services, but the truth is that the social network has the enormous advantage that almost everyone already has an account on Facebook , so the use of their Dating service is reduced to create a specific profile.

Tinder already has a rival: Facebook Dating is here and starts its tests in Colombia

Facebook Dating is integrated into the social network itself, but it is only accessible via smartphone and requires that specific profile that will be independent from that of our Facebook account. And to feed the unique algorithm developed for Dating we can include up to 9 images and answer a form of about 20 personal questions .

It should be noted that Facebook Dating arrives to meet new people , so that in our coincidences will not appear any of our Facebook friends or the people that we have blocked in advance. As you expect, there are the same methods as in Facebook to block users.

In the case of Dating, the algorithm is in charge of finding us a partner, and there is a regional restriction that will allow us to find only people within a radius of 100 kilometers , since the Facebook dating service really wants to be useful:

We are trying to connect people who are willing to meet in the future. It’s about participating, and making sure that users really intend to participate.

Nathan Sharp, product manager on Facebook

Unlike Tinder, we will not have to discard or choose users that we like dragging, but we will have to press in case of not being interested in a recommended user. In addition, you can start conversations without the need to connect previously both users, simply by sending a message or a comment.

These messages are stored in a separate tray, and also interesting is that Dating can be linked to Events and Groups but not services such as Messenger, so we can not share photos or files through the service’s messaging .

One more option for a booming sector, and this time of an authoritative voice in this of social networks such as Facebook. A serious rival, without a doubt, for Tinder …

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