What time is it good to say goodbye to a 8-hour job?

Is your goodbye come to an eight-hour worker? If not then what time is it?

There are several unwanted or wanted items that can turn an employee into an entrepreneur:

To lose a job

Although losing a job is not an ideal way to start a fresh start, but many people go to set up their own business to lose their own margin. When you have a career in an organization or setup, there are two ways: either you are looking for another new employer (which has its own problems and problems) or your heart to your own business Get started. On the other hand, if you plan to set up your own business before you are fired, it will be better.

Dissatisfaction with colleagues and work environment

You are dissatisfied with your colleagues and you’ve come to the conclusion that your workplace is run by stupid people. Industrial knowledge is a valuable inventory. However, companies that profit from inefficiency despite being ineffective. As Jim collins In his book called From good to excellent He points out that many of the companies are thinking about this trap: If it’s healthy, do not make it right . In this way, avoiding any kind of change and innovation with this avoidable way of thinking. These companies will not change their ways until they die, and they will resist change even when they reach their end of life. Many smart entrepreneurs have abandoned their former employers to start their own business and work with their former talented colleagues as laborers.

See an opportunity

Each time there is a leap in the technology world, there is an opportunity to transform into a stagnant industry. Many businesses never think What would be the difference if I started re-launching the company from scratch today? Instead, they still rely on the thinking model 20-20 years ago.

In some cases, all three elements are provided for farewell to worker work! After Oracle’s historic lawsuit Piper Soft In 2005, Piper Soft was purchased by Oracle. David Duffield Former Piper Soft CEO Annie Vorsi The company’s chief strategy officer is launching a cloud-based cloud service company WorkDay They made Today, WorkDay, with more than 1.6 billion annual revenues, is the main competitor of Pyotr Soft.

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