Tim Draper: Only crypto money will be used in 5 years

One of the earliest investors in the Internet world, Silicon Valley legend Tim Draper, Bitcoin and other crypto money units will be the primary payment instrument within five years.

Draper, who is a guest on CNBC’s Fast Money program, said, “If you try to pay a Starbucks employee within five years with a government-supported currency like US Dollar, you are saying,” What is this, Give me my shells, saying, “I will laugh.”

Tim Draper: Only crypto money will be used in 5 years

“Five years from now we will not use any of our nominal money,” Draper said. Because all these engineering efforts, all this excitement, this focus really around Bitcoin and all the crypts. I think that in the future, all of us will be using crypto money. ”

In the past month, Starbucks Chairman Howatd Schultz gave tips on the use of Blockchain technology in Starbucks, and Schultz’s words were interpreted as StarbucksCoin’s reporter.

Has 30 thousand BTC

Draper has invested in companies like Skype and Tesla in the past, and is the founding partner of Draper Associates, a leading venture capital firm, and DFJ. The famous billionaire, who received 30,000 Bitcoins in 2014, said that in December last year, he still holds all his coins.

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