This would be the screens of the 3 new iPhone 2018

A lot is being talked about new iPhone 2018 , but there is still no confirmation that finally in September we will see 3 Apple smartphones. They could be more, they could be less, it could be just one … Apple is keeping all the information under 7 locks. Even so, manufacturers such as Olixar show the screen protectors of the 3 models of iPhone which, supposedly, the Cupertino boys would present at the end of the year.

Of course, this information must be taken with suspicion, because the source is the same as yesterday acknowledged that the covers shown for the iPhone SE 2 were based on rumors and not in the certainty of the existence of the smartphone. That is why the screen savers that the company has filtered, and that we show you below, could coincide, point by point, with the screens of the new iPhone 2018 .

This would be the screens of the 3 new iPhone 2018

3 iPhone of different size

The 3 Olixar accessories represent the 2018 models of iPhone what Manzana should be presented in society at the beginning of September of this year. As it happened in 2017, in 2018 the brand could present 3 new iPhone that would be organized in 2 phones with OLED screens and a third terminal, cheaper, with LCD panel. Precisely the model with 6.1-inch LCD panel is the one that appears in the center of the image housed in these lines, being an intermediate terminal between the other two models with higher quality display.

East Cheap iPhone X would have wider edges, something that the LCD technology and that can be seen in the attached photographs. However, we still do not know if Apple will finally choose to make this distinction and will split its range between cheap mobiles with a LCD screen and more expensive mobiles with an OLED screen. Just a few weeks ago it started to be rumored that Apple would use screens OLED in all three models, but this new filtration with the screen protectors returns to place us as at the beginning.

This would be the screens of the 3 new iPhone 2018

As for the other two models represented by these cases, we have what would be the iPhone X of 2018 , with 5.8-inch screen and a larger model whose screen would grow to 6.5 inches and would be marketed under the name of iPhone X Plus . Both models will be, almost certainly, featuring OLE panels, as well as a possible three-sensor camera similar to the one seen in the Huawei P20 Pro.

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