This video shows how to fix the broken glass of the iPhone 8 with a machine in 3 minutes


One of the innovations that Apple implemented in its current generation of iPhones, the iPhone 8 , iPhone 8 Plus and iPhone X , was the glass back cover . An aesthetic and at the same time functional detail allowing the integration of wireless charging . However, this finish has a price. And never better said, because fixing the broken glass of an iPhone 8 is more than expensive. In this regard, have you ever wondered how this flaw is fixed? This machine shown in video makes the repair in just three minutes.

The screen is usually, as a general rule, the most sensitive element of a smartphone. The most susceptible to breaking in falls and unexpected blows. However, the trend towards the manufacture of smartphones with glass cases to break the routine imposed by aluminum – and offer a more premium look – has brought about negative repercussions.

Apple raises the price of repair of the broken screen of the iPhone

Repair of broken glass of iPhone 8

And like the screen, these glass covers – despite being treated with aluminosilicates – are fragile and susceptible to cracks if hit. An effect that does not escape the iPhone 8 , or the iPhone X. This video shows how to fix the broken glass of the iPhone 8 with a machine in 3 minutes

If you have been a victim of a mistake, your iPhone has fallen to the ground and you have broken the glass back cover, maybe you wonder how it can be repaired. On the Internet there are many guides , in many cases homemade so that you can do the repair yourself. However, the assembly of the housing is completed by sealing the lid with glass using a strong adhesive that requires a powerful heat source to extract it later. A tedious process if you do it to “mitten”.

A machine to make the complicated easy

However, some mobile repair centers have specific machines to perform this process. You can see the same with great detail from the following video of Rewa Technology.

Be careful when repairing the iPhone X screen, you can put an LCD panel and not OLED

By means of an air compressor and some molds, the machine in question fixes the part of the back cover of the iPhone 8 – iPhone 8 Plus and iPhone X – to the aforementioned mold to subsequently apply a certain pressure to the aluminum sides. A pressure that, together with the heat supplied to the plate, which reaches about 240 degrees centigrade for about three minutes, makes the broken glass of the iPhone 8 come off easily.

Now it’s just a matter of cleaning the surface of the residual glass pieces, as well as removing the rest of the dry glue to reapply the adhesive and once again glue the glass cover over the back of the housing.

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