This measure of Epic Games will match the games of Fortnite in Android and iOS


Fortnite for iOS has been available for a few months and many more in consoles and PCs. However, the maelstrom caused by the first steps of Fortnite for Android has served for a representative of Epic Games to offer details about a topic that worries the community of players. And is that the company shuffles integrate a system of detection of peripherals with which Fortnite is played as a filter in the games.

Yesterday, from XDA the first port of the Fortnite APK for Android was being cooked. A modification of the application to allow users to skip the restriction for the installation of the game only on compatible Samsung Galaxy. At the same time, in the same thread, there were those who also requested a “hack” to play with accessories – roofing and mouse – to make interaction with the video game easier.

These are the minimum requirements to play Fortnite on Android

Advantages over the rest in Fortnite

An attitude that bothers many since this type of accessory devices give an advantage to the player who uses them. The controversy was already served as there is a USB accessory called XIM APEX that allows you to connect a keyboard and a mouse to the PS4 console and thus have greater accuracy in both movements and accuracy when shooting.

Well, as it is reeling from the comments made on Reddit , including those of one of the representatives of Epic Games, the company is already working on a system that allows filtering players according to the type of controls they use in Fortnite. This measure of Epic Games will match the games of Fortnite in Android and iOS

Differentiation in Fornite games for Android and iOS?

The truth is that the aforementioned representative has not offered more details in this regard and has merely said that more information will be offered next week. Information that could well not only benefit all Fortnite players in general, but especially those who fight the battle from the screen of their phones.

Epic Games wants it to be easier to win at Fortnite

And is that, whether we want it or not, the difficulty at the time of unwinding, the agility in the movement of the character and the precision at the time of aiming with weapons can not be equated to the experience that can provide a “physical” command, not much less a mouse.

Therefore, we will have to wait for official news, but everything points to Epic working to differentiate Fortnite players based on the accuracy of the game controls , something that we intuit can have a significant influence when it comes to matching the players. players in the games.

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