This is the new Spotify design!

This is the new Spotify design!

Spotify is a service that we love, and, personally, I consider it one of the best in which to invest money every month, since not only does it have an immense library, but also It’s also going to save you a lot of time, and it’s going to make you contribute in some way to the artists you listen to, On the contrary, it happens if you download music from the internet.

The best thing is that the Android application works excellently -which did not happen a few versions ago-, and the truth is that, every time it is updated, some improvement is noticed. But Spotify also makes changes without updating the application, introducing these through its servers, and, this time, this has been what has taken place.

And it is that Spotify is starting – again – a process of design change, which we will be able to enjoy shortly, and that will give a more minimalist touch to the application, lets go see it!

This is the new Spotify design!

This is the new Spotify design that you will see shortly

Spotify usually changes design every so often, but, in general, it maintains a fairly continuous line with it. The last time, the biggest change it brought to its interface was to introduce the bottom bar, in replacement of the previous menu. And the truth is that, on this occasion, we are not going to see any very crazy changes either.

And, as you can read in SlashGear, the changes in the interface are minimal, destined to make the design of the interface a little more minimalist, but let’s go in parts.

This is the new Spotify design!

As you can see if you compare the images, the new version of the application reduce to four the sections that we find in the lower bar, eliminating the sections of “Radio” and “Explore”, in addition to changing the name of “Your library” to “Your playlist”.

And this is something that we find very positive, since most of the time we are looking for our playlists, and not explore the library of artists we have on Spotify, so that, who decide to make this section more accessible, it seems very good.

This is the new Spotify design!

In addition to this, we can see that the interface of the application has been redesigned with a lot more color than what we normally found, and with more separation of the elements that we find in this, making it more minimalist than before.

Finally we stop seeing that annoying static bar that tells us where we are in the application, and this was more than necessary, since that is something that we can easily see looking at the bottom bar.

In another order of things, the bad thing is that we still will not be able to enjoy this new design, since it is still only available to new users, so veterans of the application that we already have we’re going to have to wait for Spotify to release this design change for us, something that, hopefully, will not happen much.

What do you think of the new Spotify design? You like?

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