This is the new movement of Facebook to end YouTube once and for all

This is the new movement of Facebook to end YouTube once and for all

Although Facebook is currently immersed in a small major internal crisis and image because of have shared user data illegally through certain companies , work at the foot of the office rasa does not rest. Facebook projects are almost as big as their platform and the goals that are marked are not far away.

In this case, some time ago Facebook is behind the magic formula that manages to end YouTube . After the birth last year of Facebook Watch as spearhead, its success has been relative. Despite the complaints, most content creators have continued to work on YouTube. Will they ever change platform? Zuckerberg has a plan to try it.

Facebook will allow co-financing of content creators

This is the new movement of Facebook to end YouTube once and for all

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It’s not the first time we see an idea of ​​this style, but Facebook people have thought that a good way to attract content creators is to offer them the possibility that their followers finance them through crowdfunding or crowdfundings , so that your income does not depend so much on advertising. This program will be undergoing tests for a month with 10 creators from the USA. and the United Kingdom.

The monthly subscription would be $ 4.99 and allow users to access exclusive content and special material created for fans, something very similar to what we’ve seen on platforms like Patreon. At first Facebook would resign to take their share of the cake, although the App Store or Google Play could take up to 30% of that payment, as we read in TechCrunch .

The social network has also announced that it will launch a Android version of Facebook Creator towards the month of November – which at the moment was only available on iOS – and that will open a beta testers program in which the developers will have direct communication with the creators.

This is the new movement of Facebook to end YouTube once and for all

Similarly, Facebook has created an internal tool that will connect creators with interested sponsors. What if, Facebook will also take its share of that intermediation depending on the amount of ads that the creators introduce in their videos.

We’ll see how this kind of financing works for Facebook, because we already know that for now a large majority of users refuse to pay for multimedia content and applications in general, a mentality that we will have to change as soon as possible . Will Facebook have more luck?

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