This is the new Google Maps design based on Material Theme, available from today

This is the new Google Maps design based on Material Theme, available from today

In the Google I / O 2018 we could see a first advance of Google Material Theme, the evolution of the famous design lines Material Design that have been giving life to Google applications and services since 2015, after the arrival of Android Lollipop. Little by little, both Google and the rest of the developers would adopt this design in their apps and platforms, thus giving way to a new era of style on Android .

The latest app to join the car of those who have already adopted The Material Theme design is Google Maps , and that is how they point, the navigation application and maps par excellence has begun to receive an update to join the new style guide created by Google.

Google Maps with Material Theme, soon available for all

Given the the new Google Maps design seems to be reaching users after a change at the server level, It is very likely that many users still have to wait until they can receive the new appearance of the app on their devices. However, since there do not seem to be any errors or mismatches at the design level, there may only be a few days left until the Material Theme of Google Maps is available to everyone.

Luckily, those who have already tried the new design, have seen how the application is completely renewed, adopting the main guidelines of Google Material Theme: typography Google Sans, white backgrounds, cards with rounded corners and with hardly any elevation on the background , Y colorful buttons that indicate the existence of actions.

Other changes to highlight are the existence of a lower task bar , which allows access to different internal sections of the application. The images also become more important than ever, and the different menus show large photographs that refer to places. In addition, the Explore tab has been updated to collect even more categories, which are automatically adapted according to the habits and tastes of each user.

Finally, it is convenient to point out that, for the moment, has not made an appearance the board “For you” that Google announced during the I / O 2018 . Since this is the first phase of deployment of the update, this addition will probably be available later.


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