This is the first video of the Pocophone, the new range top of Xiaomi

This is the first video of the Pocophone, the new range top of Xiaomi

A few days ago, we told you about, a range top that comes from Xiaomi’s hand , but under the name of a new firm. Like Huawei and Honor , Xiaomi could be interested in creating this new brand , although we do not know the markets to which this device and its successors will be destined, if any.

Today, we have new videos in which you can see the terminal in operation . The truth is that it is something different from what we have used Xiaomi, something good if you want to launch a differential mobile and start from scratch with a new brand.

This is the Pocophone, on video

The front is inhabited by the notch, something to which, unfortunately, we are quite accustomed. Nothing to do with the Mi Mix 2S this design , since the reduction of frames is not too noticeable, although the rounded lines have liked us a lot. It is noted that it will be a large panel, and we hope that with the same quality or greater than its two older brothers.

As for the back, it is also seen for a few seconds in this other video, although the quality of it prevents us from appreciating the construction quality of Pocophone .

In this second clip, we can see that the camera will be located in the central part , leaving aside the position “inspired” in the iPhone X that currently use almost all Xiaomi. The finish, as it could not be otherwise, is glass, although we do not know if there will be a ceramic finish, as in the case of Mix.

We remind you that this Pocophone will mount the latest Qualcomm processor, the Snapdragon 845, it will have 4000mAh, double camera and NFC. There are no dates for the launch of this terminal , but we will be attentive to inform you as soon as we have more news about it.


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