This is the first LG with Android One in the world

This is the first LG with Android One in the world

If something we can ask LG, is to improve its customization layer. Although, with the passage of time, the firm is improving more and more, LG UX is still an unattractive ROM, with a great margin to advance. An LG with Android One would be an ideal alternative , and this is one of the topics to be dealt with today.

LG would have in mind a device with Android One, although unfortunately, most of us will never be able to buy it , for the reasons that we will tell you next.

The LG with Android One that you can not buy

This is the first LG with Android One in the world

While no details on how the design of this terminal will be ,it reveals to us that LG is working on a low-end Android One for a certain niche in the US market . A terminal that would come under the embrace of T-Mobile, and that would not leave the American continent.

As for the specifications, we would be faced with a Qualcomm Snapdragon 450 as heart of the phone, yes, running at 32bits. The RAM would oscillate between 2 and 3 GB, the screen would be 5.5 inches with FHD resolution, along with a 3000mAh battery, a DAC chip for sound, USB Type C, NFC and Android One 8.1.

An attractive proposal for the low range, that surely we will never see in Latin America and Europe. As usual, there are many terminals that are created for specific markets , since they do not see in other countries a good shuttle for sales.

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