This is the definitive solution to the notch

This is the definitive solution to the notch

The Chinese they have it sworn al notch, and they think about ending this stupid fashion to add an eyebrow to the screen force, even though there is not a single biometric sensor in it that justifies its inclusion.and the-first mobile with fingerprint reader under the screen-, already showed their intentions, but they are preparing something much bigger .

Today, we tell you the definitive solution to the notch, what we were all waiting for , and something that although we may not see in the short term, in the not too distant future could definitely end all the controversy that is causing the notch.

Sensors under the screen, thanks Vivo

This is the definitive solution to the notch

All, or almost all, we know that the only viable alternative to the notch, is to include the sensors below the screen. In this way, no gap or eyebrow is needed to house them, and the screen may not have frames without the slightest problem. Recent leaks show that I would live working on a screen with the sensors below , so it would be possible to include the famous “Face ID” technology, without the need for notch.

As always, this technology would result in a 3D scan of our face, with a series of sensors capable of recognizing us in different situations.what the recognition of Vivo would be quite superior to Apple’s , something that is not as difficult as you think, since the Face ID of the iPhone X is far from perfect, and has a huge margin of improvement still.

Vivo does not walk with losses of time, this first prototype could be presented this same 2018 in the MWC, so in 2019 it would be possible to see the first mobile in the world with a Face ID under the screen. We like relatively little-known firms in Spain to innovate more than traditional firms , whose budgets for R & D and work teams are considerably higher. Having said that, We hope that Vivo will give us more news about this spectacular phone that is to come , and that could end once and for all with the famous eyebrow that brings us many along the path of bitterness.


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