This is the cheapest mobile you can buy to play Fortnite on Android


Once the is official, touch us fully in one of its great news. And is that the presentation of the mobile came accompanied, as we warned in his day, the landing of Fortnite in the operating system of Google. At first some Samsung Galaxy are compatible with the game of Epic Games but these models mean, for now, the only possibility of playing Fortnite on Android .

Yesterday, in our we were able to take some games to the famous game. Despite the bad that we are given, there is no doubt that the game moves well and presents some graphics that have nothing to envy the console version. At the same time we tried the game, the was enabled and it was announced which smartphones will be able to run the game as soon as it finishes its exclusivity period with the Korean brand.

Those who do not have a compatible Samsung model, can sign up for the registration so that the company will provide them access through a download link to a beta version, but we do not know the date on which this will happen. For this reason, if you want to play Fortnite on Android today , you can always buy the Samsung Galaxy S7, the cheapest mobile that meets the .

Samsung Galaxy S7, the cheapest mobile compatible with Fortnite on Android

Yesterday the Epic Games website was updated with compatible models, today, to play Fortnite on Android. These are the , , , , and, of course, the Samsung Galaxy Note 9, in addition to the Samsung Galaxy Tab S3 and Galaxy Tab S4.

From this list, the cheapest mobile to play Fortnite on Android is the Samsung Galaxy S7, a smartphone that although it does not , you can buy for 325 euros , with free shipping costs.

This is the cheapest mobile you can buy to play Fortnite on Android

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It should be noted that we are talking about the German version of the Samsung Galaxy S7. This means you will not have access to Samsung Pay or Samsung Members promotions but you will not have a problem downloading Fortnite on Android.

Yesterday we discovered that you can in our possession, because the developers of XDA have published a port of Fortnite APK where the software section that detects the type of device has been removed. We installed the game, expanding the game’s compatibility with new devices. Of course, using this modification will not be liked by Epic Games, so it is quite likely that the company will bail your Fortnite account .

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