This is Samsung’s new patent to make ‘expandable screens’

This is Samsung's new patent to make 'expandable screens'

Samsung is, without a doubt, one of the most relevant brands within the Android landscape . Its Galaxy S range is the best known in the high range, and its mid and low range the most sold in countries like ours. One of the reasons why they stand out so very much is because the quality of your screens . They are the pioneers in AMOLED technology, which is becoming more popular every day, something we appreciate.

But Samsung wants to go further, wants curved, flexible and even expandable screens , and today we are going to show you the patent they have prepared for the latter. Let’s go there!

The patent that lets us “see” Samsung’s expandable screens

This is Samsung's new patent to make 'expandable screens'

As we can see in Patently Mobile , Samsung has registered a new flexible screen patent . As always, patents are registered to be something of their own, but they do not mean that production will start immediately, even in the medium term.

In particular, we find ourselves with a system consisting of three panels, with several modes . If we want to “stretch” or expand our screen, we should just slide out by pulling the sides, what would unroll the other two panels . Thanks to this, the screen would be significantly larger, ideal for multimedia consumption, games or anything else that comes to mind.

This is Samsung's new patent to make 'expandable screens'

It is not the first time that Samsung registers this type of crazy ideas , and as we told you, there is no certainty that this will end up taking place . However, it is always good to register an idea of ​​your own so that nobody takes ownership of it, and Samsung knows it well. There is no doubt that, within a few generations, flat panels, as we know them, will disappear in favor of flexible, folding or expandable panels, although there is still time for all this to become standardized.

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