This image wants to show us what Nokia 9 would look like and its screen with notch


Yes, the Nokia 9 is at this time one of the most anticipated smartphones. It is because the fans of Nokia want a true top of the range, but also for all the unknowns and expectations generated not only in the technical section, but also in the aesthetic aspect. How will the design of the Nokia 9 be? Here we bring you a rendered image showing some aesthetic features that the new high-end Nokia could adopt.

Nokia seems to have hit the key, definitely. Although the first generation of Nokia smartphones with Android had a warm reception, we had to wait for the presentations of 2018 to corroborate the consecration of Nokia in the current market of smartphones. On the one hand, it has designed an economic line, but on the other it has boosted the mid-range with a more than suitable model, the Nokia 7 Plus. However, the Nokia heavyweight, since it currently falls on the Nokia 8 Sirocco, has not yet been defined with precision. We will have to wait for the presentation of the Nokia 9, which this time it seems will be placed as the true flagship of the firm, which everyone expected last year.

This could be the design of the Nokia 9

The rumors surrounding the Nokia 9 even point out that the firm has already begun preparations for its chain production. We also have an extensive dossier on its possible characteristics. Based on all this information now appears a new render that aims to give us an approximate image of what we possibly visualize in the official presentation of the Nokia 9. This image wants to show us what Nokia 9 would look like and its screen with notch

Given the movement of Nokia towards smartphones with screens without frames, such as the case of the Nokia 7 Plus, it is clear that the design of the future flagship of the Nordic goes through a concept of smartphone without just frames.

A concept that Nokia could tune to the fullest in the Nokia 9 with a touch of distinction over the rest. As it has spread in the render that we attach in the article, the front of the Nokia 9 would stand out for its high ratio in what to the surface of the screen refers.

A twist to the design of the Nokia 7 Plus

That result would come from the adjustments of the lower and upper frames. To show a button, and the Nokia 7 Plus, model that corresponds to the terminal that you find on the right of the image, highlights that optimization of the frames that the signature could apply in the Nokia 9.

On the other hand, the reduction of the upper frame would be offered by the already popular notch or notch of the screen. Regardless of its detractors and supporters of this trend, if the Nokia 9 acquired such design configuration, initially promoted last year by Apple on its iPhone X, it could show the picture that you can see in the image.

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