This high-end has just been updated to Android 8.1 before all its rivals

This high-end has just been updated to Android 8.1 before all its rivals

Even though Android 8.1 has been with us for quite some time now, practically no terminal has it . The fragmentation in Android is spectacular, and so much so, that we found terminals of more than a thousand euros that continue with Android Nougat , something that we can not explain.

Today, a minority firm, with hardly sold units, but wanting to do things well , has updated its best terminal to Android 8.1. The news is not only this, but why they have updated directly to this version , when it would have been more comfortable to update Android 8.0 first.

Essential, the show that things can be done well

This high-end has just been updated to Android 8.1 before all its rivals

The Essential Phone has a problem, which is that it has shown how good a phone it is half a year later . There is no doubt that it is a top of range, but his camera and its support left us several doubts, and users did not want to trust him, despite being the son of the creator of Android. Over time, Essential substantially improved the camera of the device , he complied with the security patches, and he has done quite well with the Android Oreo update.

Many high-end follow on Android 7, and a few already have Oreo. Those who have the eighth version, in particular, use the 8.0, a version that is not completely polished, and that presents a performance much lower than that of version 8.1 . Essential communicated through the networks that version 0 would be skipped, and even if it took them a little more time, they would directly present version 8.1, with the errors fixed and the performance that users really deserve.

Although they have not been the fastest, Essential has overtaken firms that are top sales , and that they have more than enough resources to update Android 8.1, at least, its last terminal. Again, such a small firm gives a lesson to the big manufacturers that if you want you can , showing that fragmentation is something that depends exclusively on the manufacturers.

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