This app to save battery on Android is stealing your data


The battery is one of the most critical aspects of our smartphone, and although manufacturers try to improve both their capacity and the management of it by operating systems and the hardware of our smartphone, it is not always enough. Some malicious people are aware of this and take the opportunity to create a app to save battery that has really been designed to infect your smartphone with malware .

The name of the culprit in this case is Advanced Battery Saver and has already been able to infect about 60,000 phones under the promise of improving the autonomy of our mobile.

An app to save battery or an excuse to steal your data?

It has been the cybersecurity firm RiskIQ which has sounded the alarm in one of its analyzes of data collected from the network. Advanced Battery Saver is announced through a warning is missing of so many that circulate through the network, making us believe that our device is infected and taking advantage of the concern generated in the user to install a malicious application.

This app to save battery on Android is stealing your data

And it is the false ads themselves that take us to Google Play and not any other malicious page, which generates a false sense of reliability in the user of the device.

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The intention of Advanced Battery Saver is basically to get a lot of permits that we will gladly give you and then create a backdoor with access to our phone number, the IMEI, our location and all the other device information.

This supposed battery saving app has as its main mission to make automatic advertising clicks without our consent and although their consumption of resources is not high, the permits they generate compromise the general security of our mobile.

The seriousness of the problem is that its creator has endeavored to make the application real and functional, so Advanced Battery Saver yes that includes various functions to eliminate processes in the background, control the management of the charge of our battery and monitor the battery status at all times.

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The worst thing is that this malicious battery-saving app is still available on Google Play, although it can be expected to be removed in the next few hours. It is clear that despite efforts to improve the quality of applications on Google Play and filter the most unwanted applications, you can not always have an efficiency percentage of 100%.

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