They detect a new problem with the iPhone 7 microphone that requires a solder


During the last months, a series of errors have been reproduced and problems with the iPhone microphone 7 and other models. Apparent software problems. However, it has come to light that more and more units are beginning to appear iPhone 7 as of iPhone 7 Plus affected with a failure in the microphone whose repair It consists in correctly soldering the sound chip to the motherboard.

We may be facing a manufacturing failure similar to the one that affected the iPhone 6 Plus , that which came from the breakage of a welding point on the base plate that affected the correct display and operation of the screen. In this case, the affected units are the iPhone 7 and iPhone 7 Plus.

Problem with the iPhone 7 microphone

As they relate from Motherboard , some repair shops of iPhones have noticed how during the last six months repairs have risen significantly to solve a problem with the microphone of the iPhone 7 – and iPhone 7 Plus -. They detect a new problem with the iPhone 7 microphone that requires a solder

This failure begins to be experienced and can be detected when the icon of the voice notes -we suppose WhatsApp to not specify the source this data- as well as that of the hands-free speaker phone calls appears shaded, not available. Sometimes, it appears and disappears intermittently. Finally, the iPhone ends up not starting, with a bootloop on the screen where the Apple logo appears.

And what is really wrong? The explanations offered by different companies dedicated to the repair of iPhones indicate that it is a fault in the welding of the audio chip with the motherboard. With use, this weld begins to lose consistency and prevent the correct metallic contact between the chip and the base plate.

The solution is to desolder this chip and repair this bad connection. A repair that requires approximately a quarter of an hour in experienced hands and that can suppose a price between 100 and 150 dollars for the user.

Asked about the reasons, the technicians point out that it is a failure caused by the use, although the case is already in the hands of Apple, which would be evaluating that this problem with the iPhone 7 microphone could be a generalized failure. An incidence that could well continue to increase given that it occurs in iPhones that have been used for a long time.

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