They achieve the Jailbreak in iOS 11.4 and iOS 12 through Safari, with the “JailbreakMe” method

All the interested parties are in vilo of the movements of CoolStar and the Electra update for him Jailbreak on iOS 11.3.1 . However, in parallel there are other movements of interest that go a step further. And it is that the known cases we have to add the initiative of another developer who has achieved the Jailbreak on iOS 11.4 , but also in iOS 12 . The most shocking of all is that he achieves it through Safari browser , in the same way that he did Comex with his popular JailbreakMe .

If there is someone who really made the Jailbreak that was Comex, a student named Nicolas Allegra who in 2010 got the Jailbreak in iOS 4 -iPhone 4- with just visiting a web page through Safari. A method that today is possible for the Jailbreak on iOS 11.4 and iOS 12, as shown in video.

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Jailbreak on iOS 11.4 via Safari

The demonstration took place within the framework of MOSEC 2018 , an annual security conference in the field of mobile telephony held in Shanghai three years ago. There the hacker nicknamed as @SorryMybad has made it clear that it is possible to carry out Jailbreak on iOS 11.4 just visit a website, very much like Comex’s JailbreakMe.

The video that we attach shows sample of it, both in iOS 11.4 and iOS 12. The only difference between both cases is that in the first show the Jailbreak running Cydia -which incidentally is installed during the process- while in iOS 12, since it is not compatible with the system version, they perform the check from the command line.

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Through the “JailbreakMe method

As you can see, the process is done remotely, on a local server. The effect is that it is possible to exploit a Safari bug to achieve Jailbreak . In just one minute, after visiting the web in question, the device restarts with the loaded modification that allows you to take full control of iOS. They achieve the Jailbreak in iOS 11.4 and iOS 12 through Safari, with the "JailbreakMe" method

As usual in this type of demonstrations, there is no evidence that this method of Jailbreak will be released to the general public. However, they are samples that show that Jailbreak is still possible, even in the most recent versions of iOS.

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